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Econometrics: Theory and Practice

  • Anyone for Tennis?, Robert P. Murphy (JS) (HTML 15KB)

Economic History

  • A History of Value Theory, Martin Fogarty (SS) (HTML 23KB)
  • Economics: an Obituary, Fergal Shortall (SS) (HTML 20KB)
  • Can Econometrics take Economics from the Brink of History into Science?, Geoffrey Gill (JS) (HTML 10KB)
  • The Mystery of the Classical Gold Standard, Allan Kearns (SS) (HTML 21KB)
  • Mercantilism Reappraised, Muireann A. Kelliher (SS) (HTML 26KB)

Economic Thought and Theory

  • Exhaustible Resources and Economic Growth, Michael W.A. de Jong (SS) (HTML 19KB)
  • The Problem of Time Inconsistency, Myles H. Clarke (SS) (HTML 24KB)
  • Game Theory - Can We Play?, Carol Boate (JS) (PDF 41KB)

European Economics

  • The EMU Illusion, Fraser Hosford (SF) (HTML 10KB)
  • Structural Funds : Success of Failure?, Cormac Halpin (JS) (HTML 17KB)
  • An Examination of the Japanese Trade Surplus with the EU, Kai Kaufman (SS) (HTML 23KB)
  • The 1992 - 1993 ERM Crisis, Moniel Wolters (Socrates) (HTML 25KB)

Financial and Monetary Economics

  • The Threat of Money Laundering, Mark Kehoe (SS) (HTML 22KB)
  • Stock Market Volatility : A Psychological Phenomenon?, David Barrett (SS) (HTML 19KB)
  • Speculative Bubbles, Irrationality, and Chaos, Niamh Brodie (JS) (HTML 16KB)

International and Development Economics

  • Porter's Diamond and its relevance to Irish Trade, Barbara O'Toole (SS) (HTML 29KB)
  • German Terms of Trade in the Last Decade, Stefan Napel (Socrates) (HTML 23KB)
  • Privatisation and the Polish Experience, Cian McCourt (SS) (HTML 21KB)
  • Slovenia : Birth of an Adriatic Tiger, Fergal Shortall (Socrates) (HTML 20KB)

Irish Economy

  • Are Women Driving Men From The Workplace?, John Reynolds (SS) (HTML 24KB)
  • The Irish Plague - Symptoms and Antidotes, Barry O'Donnell (SF) (HTML 12KB)
  • A Rein On The Irish Government, Michael McBrinn (SF) (HTML 7KB)
  • The Future of Irish Rail, John Carty (SS) (HTML 12KB)
  • The Economics of Partition, Ronnie O'Toole (SF) (HTML 15KB)