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Econometrics: Theory and Practice

  • Econometrics and the Scientific Status of Economics: A Reply, Allan Kearns (JS) (HTML 14KB)
  • The Personian Stock Market: Testing the Fama-French Model of Share Returns, Peter Nolan (JS) (HTML 15KB)
  • An Econometric Analysis of Non-Stationary Data, Peter Lambert (SS) (HTML 15KB)
  • Diamonds are Forever: An Econometric Investigation, Muireann Kelliher (JS) (HTML 19KB)
  • Econometrics and the Scientific Status of Economics, Gavin Falk (JS) (HTML 10KB)

European Economics

  • Does Europe need a monetary union?, Daniel Gallen (JS) (HTML 28KB)
  • Agriculture in the EU: The GATT Agreement, Joanna O'Riordan (SS) (HTML 19KB)
  • Fiscal Reform in Eastern Europe, Michelle Phillips (SS) (HTML 24KB)
  • Stabilisation, Privatisation and the Development of Capital Markets in Poland, Neil MacDermott (SS) (HTML 20KB)
  • The Economic Consequences of the Peace, Stephen Moore (SS) (HTML 21KB)

International and Development Economics

  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics, Myles Clarke (JS) (PDF 36KB)
  • The Role of the Traded and Non-Traded Sectors in Economic Growth, Claire McAndrew (SF) (HTML 11KB)

Labour Market Economies

  • Human Capital - A theoretical outline, Andros Florides (SS) (PDF 46KB)
  • The Causes of Unemployment, Cloda Lane (SS) (PDF 37KB)
  • What Proportion of Wage Differentiation is Just?, Ciaran O'Ceallaigh (SS) (HTML 23KB)

Market Structure

  • Rent-Seeking and the Social Cost of Monopoly, Alan Dunne (SS) (PDF 34KB)
  • Monopoly and X-Efficiency, Justin Morton (SS) (PDF 39KB)
  • Competition Policy, Nicolas McDonagh (JS) (HTML 15KB)

Policy Issues

  • The Contestability of Transport Markets, Maura O'Connell (SS) (HTML 12KB)
  • Curing Overcapacity in the Agricultural Sector, Una Clarke (SF) (HTML 7KB)
  • Derivatives and Farming - Fate brought them together, John Bohill (JS) HTML 16KB)
  • Income Taxation in Ireland, Suzanne O'Neill (SF) (HTML 10KB)
  • Is there a "correct" share of health care spending in GDP?, John Reynolds (JS) (PDF 37KB)