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Economic Thought and Theory

  • The Rationality of Rational Expectations, Cloda Lane (JS) (HTML 20KB)
  • Indeterminate Bargaining - A hindrance to theory and an indication of reality, Mark Wall (SS) (HTML 16KB)
  • Game Theory - An analysis and understanding of decision making, Fiona Hayes (SS) (HTML 17KB)
  • A Differential Approach to General Equilibrium, Alan White (Postgraduate) (HTML 27KB)
  • Nash Equilibrium as an ideal solution concept, Diarmuid O'Conghaile (SS) (HTML 20KB)
  • Thomas Mun, Peter Jensen (Socrates)

Financial and Monetary Economics

  • The Economics of an Independent European Central Bank, Myles Clarke (SF) (HTML 19KB)
  • The Destruction of the Second Bank of the US - Rationale and Effects, Gareth Davis (SS) (HTML 26KB)
  • Debates Within Monetarism, Ian Rowell (JS) (HTML 25KB)
  • Stocks, Horses, Chaos and Efficient Markets, Donagh Lynch (JS) (HTML 23KB)
  • Should Ireland Participate in European Monetary Union?, Tony Lynch Postgraduate (HTML 20KB)
  • Does Money Matter?, Alan Dunne (JS) (HTML 27KB)

International and Development Economics

  • An Inquiry into the Growth of Nations, Cloda Lane (SF) (HTML 14KB)
  • GATT and the EC: The Case of Agriculture, Deborah Heaney (SS) (HTML 18KB)
  • The Japanese Trade Surplus with the European Union: Extent, Causes and Implications, Olaf Gersemann (Socrates) (HTML 16KB)
  • Customs Unions, Alexandra Berndt (JS) (HTML 18KB)
  • The Economic Legacy of Ceausescu, Nicolas Holman (SS) (HTML 13KB)

Irish Economy

  • Regulation in Ireland in a European Context, Martha O'Hagan (JS) (HTML 21KB)
  • Social Partnership, Muireann Kelliher (SF) (HTML 10KB)
  • Emigration from Ireland: Vice or Virtue, Patricia Broderick (JS) (HTML 13KB)

Welfare Economics

  • Welfare Economics: For Light or for Fruit?, Justin Morton (JS) (HTML 13KB)
  • The Importance of Externalities in Resource Allocation, Mark Kehoe (SF) (HTML 10KB)
  • The Coase Theorem, Brendan Fitzpatrick (SS) (HTML 8KB)
  • Road Pricing: The Case For and Against, Carsten Rolle (Socrates) (HTML 13KB)
  • Welfare Economics: For Light or for Fruit - A reply, Ian Cafferky (JS) (HTML 13KB)