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Issues in the Theory of Economics

  • Gains from Trade - A Theoretical Outline, Vivienne Wallscourt (PDF 285KB)
  • Building Economics: The Use of Economics in the Built Environment, Gary Mulligan (PDF 251KB)
  • The Thermodynamics of Product Differentiation, Raymond Russell & Alan White (PDF 207KB)
  • Inflation in a Small Open Economy, Ian Rowell (PDF 170KB)
  • Market Failures, David Butler (PDF 253KB)
  • The Consumption Function: A Brief History, Brendan Fitzpatrick (PDF 383KB)
  • What Determines Market Structure?, Lisa Finneran (PDF 240KB)

The Economics of Finance

  • The SWAP Market Bubble, Tadhg Flood (PDF 147KB)
  • Mission Impossible-- An Econometric Investigation into the Economic Role of Health- Education and Population Growth in the Third World, Mark Wall (PDF 287KB)
  • Irish Interest Rates: Who's to Blame?, Ann Dillon (PDF 183KB)
  • The Efficient Markets Hypothesis: Myth or Reality, George Floyd (PDF 311KB)

The History, Philosophy & Methodology of Economics

  • It's a Maths, Maths World!, Alan White (PDF 220KB)
  • The Market Economy, Garrett O'Boyle (PDF 237KB)
  • Health: Right or Luxury?, John Armstrong (PDF 251KB)
  • The Whately Professors of Political Economy and Economic Policy 1832-1932, Gareth Davis (PDF 284KB)
  • Is what Economists do scientific?, Mark Aplin (PDF 252KB)

The International Economy

  • Neo-Protectionism: Extent and Reason, Uwe Ketelsen (PDF 250KB)
  • Do Prices Matter? The Case of Third World Agriculture, Deborah Heaney (PDF 191KB)
  • The EMS-In Theory and Practice, Ronan Lyons (PDF 286KB)
  • The Debt Bell Tolls Again, Catriona Purfield (PDF 217KB)

The Irish Economy

  • Foreign Direct Investment and the Dublin International Financial Services Centre, Keith O'Brien (PDF 216KB)
  • Exchange Rate Policy in Ireland: Past, Present and Future, Colin Meade (PDF 204KB)
  • Issues Associated with Public Expenditure as a Mechanism for Government Intervention, Cloda Lane (PDF 238KB)
  • The Distortionary Impact of Taxation on Irish Savings Media- The Principle of Fiscal Privilege, Pamela Warrington (PDF 268KB)
  • The Study of Trade Between Two Irish Economies, Claire Treacy (PDF 328KB)
  • Investment in the Future - The Economics of Primary Education, John O'Flaherty (PDF 348KB)