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Applied Economics

  • Economic Growth as a Policy Objective, Alan White (PDF 140KB)
  • A Note on Equality as a Policy Objective, Patrick McColgan (PDF 106KB)
  • The Harberger Triangle Re-Visited, Elaine Ryan & Carol O'Sullivan (PDF 146KB)
  • Farm Supports: An Agenda for Reassessment, Michelle Brennan (PDF 243KB)

Development Economics

  • The International Narcotics Trade- The Case of Three Less developed Countries, Tadhg Cashman (PDF 173KB)
  • Is Development Economics a Dying Subject?, Maura Conneely (PDF 164KB)
  • Development Against Women in Sub-Saharan Africa, Lisa Finneran (PDF 185KB)

European Survey

  • The Impact and Implications of European Economic Integration, Ann Keegan (PDF 493KB)
  • GATT or CAP: Must the EC decide?, Kevin Hannigan (PDF 261KB)

Financial Economics

  • Risk, Expected Return and Expected Utility, Kevin Murray (PDF 144KB)
  • A Short Lesson in Financial Futures, Ciaran John O'Neill (PDF 236KB)
  • Informational Efficiency, Bubble and the 1987 Crash, Dan Ryan (PDF 344KB)

Methodology & Foundations

  • Of Astrology, Sherlock Holmes and Econometrics, Lisa Finneran (PDF 188KB)
  • The Ricardian Theory of Rent - A Reappraisal of Fundamentals, Ross Maguire (PDF 188KB)
  • The Practice and Prospects of Econometrics, Neil Sherlock (PDF 160KB)
  • The Rhetoric of Economics, Paul O'Connell (PDF 201KB)

Monetary Economics

  • The Monetarist's Nemesis, Paul O'Connell (PDF 290KB)
  • Fixed Exchange Rates and European Monetary Union, Philip Lane (PDF 247KB)
  • Mercantilism- An Early Manifestation of Economic Nationalism, Orla McKeon (PDF 264KB)

Student Economic Workshop

  • Proceedings of the Student Economic Workshop, Billy Stamp (PDF 38KB)

The Irish Economy

  • Planning Permissions and the Optimal Capital Stock, Colm O'Reardon (PDF 198KB)
  • Income Taxation in Ireland, Sinead Grennan (PDF 188KB)
  • The 1991 Budget, Tony Lynch (PDF 198KB)
  • The Irish Labour Market-Time to Reassess Supply Side Policies, Billy Stamp (PDF 201KB)
  • A Note on the Irish Health Care System, Corinna Hopkins (PDF 121KB)