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European Issues

Income Redistribution

  • The Labour Market & Welfare Induced Rigidities, Billy Stamp (PDF 292KB)
  • Poverty in Ireland, Colm O'Riordan (PDF 261KB)
  • Equality as a Policy Objective, Lisa Finneran (PDF 230KB)

Is Economics a Science?

  • Science: A Modest Proposal, Ciaran John O'Neill (PDF 319KB)
  • The Development of Econometrics, Philip Lane (PDF 210KB)
  • The Status of Economics, Niamh Clarke (PDF 271KB)

Issues in Development

  • The Market System- Freedom and Efficiency, Lisa Finneran (PDF 226KB)
  • The Development of Economic Policy in Nicaragua- 1979 to 1985, Eoin Longergan (PDF 285KB)
  • The Gang of Four, Gerard Considine (PDF 534KB)
  • Perestroika, Shane Coleman (PDF 325KB)
  • Economic Development in LDCs, Sophie Bury (PDF 367KB)

Macroeconomic Topics

  • A Note on Disequilibrium Dynamics, Ciaran John O'Neill (PDF 246KB)
  • Credibility & Stabilisation Policies in Ireland in the 1980's, Philip Lane (PDF 255KB)
  • Ricardo & 1992, Mark Whelan (PDF 447KB)
  • The Rational Expectations Hypothesis- An Appropriate Concept, Tony Annett (PDF 373KB)

Political Economics

  • Modern Political Economics: An Overview, Aiden Kane (PDF 524KB)
  • Social Time Preference, Paul O'Connell (PDF 400KB)
  • The Greening of Economics, Orla McKeon (PDF 254KB)

Quantitative Methods

  • An Introduction to Time-series Modelling, Karl Murphy (PDF 348KB)
  • Alternative Linear Disturbance Estimators in Linear Regression Analysis, Jonathan Wright (PDF 755KB)

Student Economic Workshop