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Growth and Development

  • The Third World Debt Crisis and the International Financial System, David McLoughlin (PDF 480KB)
  • Economic Growth in the Closed Economy, Ciaran John O'Neil (PDF 299KB)
  • Economic Growth as a Policy Objective, Orla McKeon (PDF 258KB)

Monetary and Fiscal Economics

  • Controlling Inflation: How Successful can Lawson's Policies be?, Raymond Doody & Colm Ryan (PDF 560KB)
  • Monetarism and the British Monetarist Experiment, Paul Devereux (PDF 561KB)
  • The Rational Expectations Hypothesis, Mark Munroe (PDF 463KB)
  • The Quantity Theory of Money, Frank Hayes (PDF 628KB)
  • The Consumption Function, Philip Lane (PDF 294KB)
  • A Review of J.M. Keynes, Margaret Doyle (PDF 519KB)

Public Finances

  • A Critical Assessment of the 1989 Budget, Jonathan Wright (PDF 408KB)
  • Income Taxation in Ireland, Philip Lane (PDF 238KB)
  • The History of the Theory of Public Finance, Margaret Doyle (PDF 315KB)

The Open Economy

  • Ireland's Industrial Experience and Policy since E.C. Entry and the Implications of 1992, Finbar McDonnell (PDF 602KB)
  • The Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments, Alan Barrett (PDF 493KB)
  • Is Ireland a Small Open Economy?, Alan Cox & Mary Kelly (PDF 201KB)

The Role of Economics

  • The Methodology of Economic Research, Aidan Kane (PDF 349KB)
  • The Reification of Economics, Eamonn McCarthy (PDF 200KB)
  • The Dismal Science, Jonathan Wright (PDF 414KB)