Eco-hydrology Research

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Prof Laurence Gill

Chair of Environmental Engineering

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Laurence Gill is a Professor in Environmental Engineering in the School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin. His research interests involve studying the fate and transport of both air and water-borne pollutants in the natural and built environment, as well as the development of passive treatment processes. Much of the work involves extensive field studies which are then used to develop mathematical models to gain further insight into the processes. Prior to joining at Trinity College in 1999, he spent several years working in the UK water industry on the design of water and wastewater treatment processes for urban populations.

Dr. Liwen Xiao

Associate Professor, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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Dr. Liwen Xiao received his PhD degree at NUI Galway and worked as a lecturer there before joining the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at TCD as Assistant Professor in 2013. Since joining TCD, Dr Xiao has continued his research work in the following areas: (1) sustainable treatment of wastewater, (2) emerging contaminants (microplastics, antibiotics) detection and removal and (3) impacts of human activities on water quality and ecology. He currently has 4 PhD students in his research group and is involved in a number of research projects funded by national and international funding agencies. Dr Xiao is a college tutor and a deputy director of the research centre TrinityHaus. He is the director of MSc in Engineering

Mr. Paul Johnston

Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Research Interests

Environmental Geotechnics