REHEATS: Recycling Energy Hidden in Existing Wastewater Treatment Systems

Project Team:

Principle Investigators:

Academic Collaborations:

Trinity Researchers:

  • Brian Considine – Research Fellow
  • Neda Nikou – Research Fellow
  • Lucas Novakowski – Market Analysis & Business Development
  • Lena Moher – Market Analysis & Business Development

Funding Agency:

Enterprise Ireland





Participating Companies and Demonstration Sites:

Castle Leslie Estate.

ABP Food Group.



Water-energy Nexus, Wastewater Heat Recovery, Circular Economy

REHEATS process



REHEATS – Recycling Energy Hidden In Existing Wastewater Treatment Systems.

There is often a significant quantity of heat left over in the wastewater generated by various commercial and industrial process. Instead of letting this heat go down the drain, REHEATS technology can recover it and be used to offset heating requirements for water resulting in reduced fuel expenses.


The REHEATS research team are aiming to  reduce the energy consumed in water-heating by 40% and achieve a 2-3 years payback for the technology. This is being applied to commercial kitchens and industrial food processing facilities


This project integrates heat exchange technology into wastewater systems to recover waste heat and offset heating requirements leading to lower energy costs and carbon emissions for commercial and industrial establishments. Advanced materials and additive manufacturing in the heat exchanger design enabling state-of-the-art cost effectiveness and thermal performance.


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