Excavations & Tunnelling

Ground deformations around excavations and tunnels in Irish soils

TCD has a continuing research programme into developing appropriate soil models for incorporation into FE models (Lawler, 2002). This project would continues this successful research work to study the behaviour of the Dublin Brown Boulder clay and the glacial gravels. It involves laboratory testing and some field testing, together with FE analysis of excavations and tunnels.

Vibrations due to tunnelling

The purpose of this project is to examination the sensitivity of different types of structures to ground vibrations due to tunnel construction. The data on the vibrations caused during construction of the Dublin Port Tunnel will be used to assess the likely effects on buildings and people of future tunnelling under Dublin. This project involves literature surveys and numerical analyses of vibrations in the ground and in structures.

Academic Staff

  • Assistant Prof David Igoe
  • Associate Prof Brendan O'Kelly