Sustainable Environmental Biotechnologies Research Group

Welcome to the webpage of our sustainable environmental biotechnologies research group! With the increasing global population, urbanization, and the impacts of climate change, it has become essential to develop efficient and cost-effective methods for resource recovery from wastewater while minimizing environmental impact.

Our research group is focused on the optimization and development of climate-neutral sustainable environmental biotechnologies that can harness the biochemical potential and metabolism of microbial communities for resource recovery from waste streams. We combine environmental biotechnology and microbial ecology to understand the essential microbial ecology of microbial communities that facilitate resource recovery.  To gain a better understanding of these bioprocesses, we utilize state-of-the-art metagenomics and metatranscriptomics profiling techniques, including high-throughput sequencing with next-generation “short-read” and third-generation “long-read” sequencing methods and many advanced analytical techniques.   Through our work, we aim to optimize environmental biotechnologies to recover valuable resources from waste streams with minimum energy inputs, resources, and carbon footprint.



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