Research Projects

Plasmonic Enhancement and Directionality of Emission for Advanced Luminescent Solar Devices (PEDAL) 

PEDAL is funded by European Research Council (Project Number 639760). It proposed a disruptive PV technology where record increases in efficiency are achieved and costs reduced. PEDAL will concentrate both direct and diffuse solar radiation in a static building component delivering not only breakthroughs in solar device efficiencies but also the development of unique building integrated components. This will be developed through 3 themes: (1) Plasmonic Enhancement of LSC (PLSC); (2) Plasmonic Enhancement of LDS layers (PLDS); and (3) Upscaled building integrated solar devices (PLSC & PLDS). 

The objectives of PEDAL are:

  • To engineer composites structures (luminescent species and MNPs in polymer) for PLSC and PLDS.
  • To achieve record efficiency in LSC and LDS by exploiting plasmonic coupling phenomena between metal nanoparticles and luminescent species to enhance emission and alignment of MNP for directional emission.
  • To develop the first static building integrated PLSC component capable of achieving a concentration factor of 3 or more in diffuse solar radiation.
  • To develop the first static building integrated PLDS layer on a commercial PV module capable of achieving an increase in PV efficiency.
  • To investigate balance of system components such as microinverters to enable control and management of PV energy generation through the buildings demand side management systems.