BAI/MAI Research Projects

The following two (BAI) or three (MAI) years of study can focus on Civil Engineering subjects that link to our Research Pillars of Energy, Environment, Geotechnics, Structures & Transport. For detailed information on Undergraduate courses see the School of Engineering. Examples of recent titles for BAI/MAI projects under each of our Research Pillars included.

A collage of three images side-by-side of wind turbines, three people looking at a laptop discussing a project, and the ocean


  • Experimental Studies of Solitary Waves
  • Fault Diagnosis of Bearings in Rotating Machinery
  • District Heating for Ireland
  • Water Efficiency, Offsetting and Recovery using Innovative Technologies and Strategies
  • Phase Change Materials for Thermal Regulation in Building Integrated Photovoltaics
  • Luminescent Solar Concentrator Building Facade/Glazing
  • Evaluating Different Photovoltaic Panels under the same Solar Spectral and Radiation Conditions
  • Investigating Integrated Micro-Encapsulated Phase Change Materials in Concrete Solar Collectors
  • Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems for On-site Waste Water Treatment Units
  • Changes in Biomass Harvesting from Irish Forestry on the Environment


  • Predicting Health Effects of Poor Air Quality
  • Exposure to Air and Noise Pollution during Daily Activities
  • Exploring Life Cycle Carbon, Energy and Resource Demands of Infrastructure Projects
  • Natural Ventilation Design in Buildings
  • Investigations of UV-LED Water Treatment Process
  • Development of a Biological Methane Removal Filter
  • Fluvial Sediment Export from Agricultural Catchments
  • Sludge Accumulation in Septic Tanks
  • Modelling the Passive Control of Air Pollution in Urban Street Canyons
  • Evaluation of Microelectro-Mechanical System Microphones for Extended Outdoor Use
  • Cause and Mitigation of Algal blooms in Vartry Reservoir
  • THMs in Irish Drinking Water and the Cause


  • Study of Strain Rate Dependence in Sands
  • Numerical Modelling of Monopile Field Tests
  • Improving the Strength and Stiffness of Sand Deposits by Grouting using Biopolymers
  • Strain Rate Dependence of Strength for Peat Material
  • Tensile Strength of Peat Soils
  • Offshore Foundation Prototypes


  • Dynamic Structural Modelling of an Operational Telecoms Tower
  • Structural Reliability based on Structural Health Monitoring Results
  • Value of Information Analysis in Structural Health Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Asset Management, Extreme Weather and proxy Indicators
  • History of Technology: Successful Design
  • Construction and Testing of a Mechanical Press
  • Theoretical Optimal Grading of Aggregate and Impacts of Concrete Strength
  • Efficacy of a Method for Determining Moisture Content of Concrete Slabs
  • Efficiency of New Insulation Materials for Buildings
  • Impact of Raw Materials and Firing Technologies in the Durability of Historic Bricks
  • Improving the Thermal Performance of Earth Construction
  • Hot-Lime Mortars for Restoration Projects
  • Determination of Material Thermal Transmittance by Time Lagged Responses


  • Trends in Bike-Sharing in Ireland
  • Exploring Mobility as a Service
  • Integrated Services Passenger Information
  • Resilience of the Cyber-Transportation Systems
  • Behavioural Patterns of the Users of Bike-Sharing Systems (BSSs)
  • Designing a Network of School Cycle Routes
  • How Step Count and Activity Apps can Change Transport Mode Choice
  • Ramp Metering for Reduction of Congestion on the M50