Masters (Ind.) in Engineering

The MAI (Ind) is a two-year part-time research degree performed in the workplace by the candidate under the supervision of an academic at TCD.

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The MAI (Ind) degree is research-based and judged on a dissertation prepared by the candidate. The candidate is required to prepare a dissertation on a research project carried out in his/her professional environment. The work is to be carried out to academic criteria and must include some contribution to knowledge. The agreement, in writing, of a person in authority from the candidate’s workplace to carry out this research will be required.

The duration of the MAI (Ind) programme is normally two years part-time and requires submission of the dissertation for examination. Provided permission is granted and on payment of the relevant fee, the dissertation should be submitted not later than three years after registering for the degree. (To clarify, the MAI is not an automatic follow-on degree award resulting from two diploma courses. It is a separate course of study.)

Application Process

MAI students can register on 1 March or 1 September and can find details of how to apply via the My TCD portal. Details of course fees and the payment structure can be found under Part III of the Calendar Section on the Trinity College Dublin website.

To make an MAI (Ind) application, the applicant must prepare a research proposal and a programme of work for the MAI (Ind). Then, an academic supervisor is identified in the School of Engineering, and subject to their agreement to take on the candidate/project, the proposal is refined if necessary through discussions between the candidate and the academic. A good starting point for identifying a suitable member of Staff with similar Research interests is using the School of Engineering website.

More Information

The MAI (Ind) co-ordinator, Associate Prof. Brendan O’Kelly, can help you in this regard if you have a draft research proposal prepared. For enquiries in relation to a Master in Engineering (MAI (Ind.)), please contact Debbie Walsh at