Environmental Laboratories

Equipment in the environmental lab, Civil Engineering

The Environmental Laboratories are equipped with modern facilities allowing for physical, chemical, and biological analysis of water, wastewater, and soil samples collected during numerous fieldwork projects undertaken by members of our Water Research Group.

The Analytical Lab is, amongst others, outfitted with spectrophotometers for nutrient and ionic analysis, microscopes, gas and ion chromatography systems, a Konelab photometric analyser, TOC/COD/BOD analysis systems, and extraction systems for contamination tracking.

The Processing Lab supports the numerous field-based research projects and holds equipment such as autosamplers, water quality multiparameter kits, gas flux chambers for soil and water bodies, suction cup lysimeters, tensiometers, soil moisture sensors, divers, flow meters, automated weather stations, remote monitoring and data logging systems, and field mobility equipment such as several vans, inflatable boats, and canoes.