Our Research

Herring train works, Bohuslän, 1794. A method for producing train oil from herring was discovered, c.1760, with c.500 oil factories soon established on the Bohuslän coast (Sahrhage & Lundbeck, 1992).

Prendergast Challenge-Based Award

The multi-disciplinary team consists of eight academics, led by Professor Biswajit Basu (from Engineering) with expertise in hydrodynamics and modelling/computation of complex-oceanic flows, co-led by Professor Poul Holm (from History) with expertise in marine environmental history, Professor Nessa O’Connor (Zoology) an expert on marine biology and eco-system diversity, Professor Francis Ludlow (History) having an expertise in historical geography and climatology, Professor Iris Möller (Geography) with expertise in coastal geomorphology and physical-biological process interactions including feedbacks between human land use and coastal ecosystems, Professor Margaret Jackson (Geography) an expert on geomorphology and palaeoclimatology, Professor Kirk M. Soodhalter (Mathematics) with expertise on numerical analysis/applied linear algebra and design/analysis of mathematical algorithms for computational sciences, and Professor John Dingliana (Computer Science) an expert in visualization/real-time computer graphics and adaptive graphical solutions.