Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Building Repair and Conservation

This one-year part-time postgraduate course is designed to provide a solid knowledge of materials and built fabrics, both modern and traditional, the causes and mechanisms of failure and the traditional as well as the most advanced ways to repair and preserve them. In addition, on completion of the Diploma, you will have successfully completed a research project and produced specifications for conservation work.

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You will gain an understanding of how to manage a conservation project. This course has been approved by Engineers Ireland as meeting its requirements for continuing professional development. This course is accepted by The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland as part of their Grade III accreditation.

A person surveying an old stone building

Course Organisation

The part-time course comprises approximately 86 hours of core lectures, 18 hours of practical lectures and case studies, 18 hours of laboratory work and 9 hours of site visits. These are normally held on Friday 7.00pm - 10.00pm and Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm each week throughout the two semesters (September to April). In addition, each student shall independently complete a research thesis. Please follow the link to download the Reading List of Recommended Texts for this course. This is not an online course, and attendance is compulsory. The programme is worth 45 ECTS.

Course Content

  • Research and documentation.
  • The built heritage; architecture; vernacular architecture; legislation.
  • Building surveying and recording; BIM for historic structures.
  • Building stone; ceramics; metals; timbers; thatch and mudwall.
  • Building limes and cement; concrete.
  • Heat and moisture; retrofitting for energy performance.
  • Construction technology and project management; repairs; case studies.
  • Structural damage; repairs to masonry and building elements; structural case studies.
  • Research project.
Brick repair in applied building repair and conservation

Course Assessment

The award of a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Building Repair and Conservation is based on a combination of the results of two examination papers and an individual research project. Each paper constitutes one third and the individual research project represents the remaining third of the overall assessment. Students must pass each paper and the individual research project. There is no system of compensation. The pass mark for the examinations and the thesis is 40%. A Distinction is awarded to those who obtain an overall average mark of 70% or more at the summer examinations. The annual examination will be held in May, with a supplemental examination in September. All students are required to sit the annual examination in May unless permission to defer is received from the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Entry Requirements

A level 8 degree in civil engineering or a related subject, supported by relevant work experience. Students holding a level 8 degree in a different discipline may also be considered.