Training future mechanical, civil, electrionic engineers and computer scientists in SYStem Identification, Condition & Health Monitoring for a New Generation of WIND Turbines

MC-ITN - Networks for Initial Training (ITN)

This project focusses on SYStem Identification, Condition & Health Monitoring for a New Generation of WIND Turbines and is led by the co-ordinator and scientific-person-incharge Prof Biswajit Basu.

Growth in the European wind energy market has led to the manufacture of larger turbines (~ 7.5 MW). There are several challenges associated with these turbines, particularly offshore, e.g., vibrations/ damage of the flexible blades, mechanical drives/electric converters. These raise maintenance concerns and result in operational downtime, impacting on power systems and supply reliability. For these reasons there have been huge R&D investments creating the requirement for highly trained manpower in Europe. The SYSWIND network will train future engineers and scientists in truly multi-disciplinary and newly emerging scientific areas and technologies for next-generation wind turbines. There are six research themes: new structural health monitoring (SHM), wireless sensor network (WSN), multi-body systems (including aerodynamics and geotechnics), semi-active vibration control, composite materials and power system modelling.  

Project Details

This project ran between 1st December 2009 and 30th November 2013. You can access more project details, including project reports and results via the Accelopment website and European Commission's CORDIS Portal.


Prof. Biswajit Basu (Email:


This project recieved funding from the European Union FP7 programme under Grant agreement no. 238325.