The Centrifuge 5804 R is mainly used for metal nanoparticles centrifugation. The 5804 R is a high speed centrifuge which allows for applications in tubes from 5-50 mL.

It is has a conical tube rotor with aerosol-tight quick lock lid for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples with maximum speed 16,639 x g (11,000 rpm).

A Centrifuge 5804 R

The electrical characterisation facilities include measurement of Spectral Response and Internal/External Quantum Efficiency. Core features of the system include:

  • Direct determination of device spectral response (SR, A W-1)
  • Direct determination of device external quantum efficiency (EQE/IPCE, %)
  • Device operation in short circuit or voltage biased
  • Choice of single or multiple channel solar simulators
  • Wide range of operation 300-1800 nm
  • Calibrated reference Si/Ge detectors

The optical laboratory is available for indoor testing of solar devices, concentrating specifically on device efficiency under carefully controlled conditions.