Assessment, Analysis and Development of Programmes for Improvement of Irish GHG Emissions Inventories and Projections

To limit the climate change caused by anthropogenic activities, the European Union (EU) is committed to limiting emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Numerous international agreements, targets and methodologies have been developed to aid in the achievement of this goal. As part of these agreements Member States in the EU are required to prepare national GHG emissions inventories and future emissions projections to both monitor existing emissions activity and predict the likely future compliance of countries with agreed reduction targets. 

The methodologies/guidelines for preparing GHGs emissions inventories and projections require large disaggregated datasets. The EPA in Ireland and TCD have been working on the improvement of this process, which requires the development of new programmes for the estimation of emission factors, activity data, and maintenance of Quality Assurance programmes. In addition, recalculation of the previous estimations with improved data and techniques is required. Expertise is needed to facilitate this work, as well as institutional arrangements to ensure improved organisational structures within the EPA for this purpose. This project will develop improved GHGs emissions inventories and projections for Ireland in line with the needs of the EPA. The impacts of existing and potential climate change mitigation policy in Ireland will also be examined.


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