Harry Smith

Harry Smith

Ph.D Student

Project Title: Traffic Modelling and EV Driver Behaviour through Representative Driving Cycles

Keywords: Driving Cycles, Electric Vehicles, Energy Consumption, Vehicular Electrification, Microsimulation.

The vehicle fleet is increasingly shifting to alternative energy sources in a worldwide trend. Specifically, the popularity and market share of electric vehicles increases every year. With this increase in popularity comes a need to focus on increasing the efficiency and technology of these vehicles.

The aim of the research is to assist in the creation of next-generation electric vehicle parts. The driving cycles created in this research will help other European researchers maximize the performance of the powertrains in future electric vehicles. The driving cycles will consider regional effects across Europe including the spatial, meteorological, temporal and comfort demands of users.

Secondly, the research will use the microsimulation tool VISSIM to model various conditions to determine the most effective method of large-scale electric vehicle adoption. The ultimate goal is zero emissions from the transportation sector in urban areas. The simulation will utilize driving profiles determined during the first stage of data collection for driving cycles.

The research is conducted within the Horizon Europe’s POWERDRIVE project funded by the European Union with the goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Supervisor: Prof. Margaret O’Mahony & Dr. Brian Caulfield