Manish Kanojia

Manish Kanojia

Ph.D Student

Project Title:Mathematical modelling of submarine volcanic eruptions and their impact on various oceanic phenomena.

Keywords: Mathematical modelling, submarine volcanoes, oceanic flows, tsunamis, simulations, partial differential equations, nonlinear analysis.

Tonga volcanic eruption in January 2022

Submarine volcanoes, also known as underwater volcanoes or seamounts, are fascinating geological features that exist beneath the surface of the world's oceans. These volcanic structures form when magma from the Earth's mantle rises and erupts through the ocean floor, creating underwater volcanic mountains. Submarine volcanoes are found along tectonic plate boundaries, such as mid-ocean ridges or subduction zones, where the Earth's crust is subject to intense geological activity. As the molten rock, or magma, reaches the ocean floor, it interacts with the seawater, leading to explosive eruptions or the formation of lava flows.

Our project revolves around mathematically modelling underwater volcanic eruptions and examining their effects on different oceanic currents. The recent volcanic eruption in Tonga and the subsequent tsunami it triggered were among the most significant subaquatic volcanic events witnessed in many years. The economic devastation caused by the tsunami is estimated to be 18.5% of Tonga's GDP. Developing a comprehensive comprehension of these occurrences will assist coastal communities and governments worldwide in preventing extensive calamities. Modelling and simulation of tsunamis generated by sub-aquatic volcanic eruptions as well as modelling and simulation of their impact on the oceanic flows below the surface will be carried out throughout our study.

I am working under the supervision of Professor Biswajit Basu (School of Engineering, TCD) and Professor Amala Mahadevan (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA) and funded by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India under National Overseas Scholarship. 


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