Dr. Julie Clarke

Dr. Julie Clarke

Assistant Professor, Civil Struct & Env. Eng.

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Publications and Further Research Outputs

  • Clarke, J., Acosta, E. and Brede, H., Methodologies for Financing and Costing of Climate Impacts and Future Adaptation Actions: Transport Networks in Ireland, Johnstown Castle, Ireland, Environmental Protection Agency, 2021Report, 2021, URL
  • Clarke, J.and Acosta, E. , Determining the cost of extreme flood events to the road network in Ireland: an example application. , European Transport Conference, Dublin, October 2019, 2019Conference Paper, 2019

Research Expertise

Dr. Clarke's research focuses on risk and the built environment. She conducted her PhD entitled "Risk Assessment for Masonry Buildings due to Tunnelling-Induced Settlement" at University College Dublin. Since then, her research has focused on vulnerability and risk modelling for critical infrastructure networks due to natural hazards and climate change impacts. Dr. Clarke led the implementation of a novel quantitative risk methodology to determine the losses for two case study regions in Europe due to extreme hazard events, as part of the INFRARISK EU-funded H2020 project. More recently, she acted as Principal Investigator for the EPA-funded TACT project, which developed a risk assessment framework to quantify the costs of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies for land and maritime transport networks in Ireland.

  • Title
    CLIMECO - Climate change impacts costing study and an economic appraisal of adaptation measures in Ireland
    The objectives of the CLIMECO project are 1) to develop a methodology to determine the costs associated with climate change in Ireland for individual sectors and across all sectors, 2) to establish an economic decision-making framework that can be used to evaluate and to inform adaptation planning. Ultimately, the project will contribute to more informed adaptation planning that considers cross-sectoral climate change vulnerabilities, and it will support Ireland"s transition to a climate-resilient society.
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    Environmental Protection Agency
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Civil and Construction engineering,


  • Chartered Member of Engineers Ireland
  • Climate Change Advisory Council, Adaptation Committee Member