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Study Abroad

*Applications for Erasmus exchange in the 2020/21 Academic Year will opened on Tuesday 5th November 2019.*

The Economics Department encourages students to spend part or all of their third year studying at another university abroad. The coordinator for the academic year 2019/2020 of all International Exchanges for the Department is Professor Joseph Kopecky whose office hours are held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00 - 13:00.

A Study Abroad Information Session took place on 10th April, 2020.

Funding to study abroad

There is funding available for those participating in an Erasmus exchange programme. All EU students qualify for an Erasmus Mobility Grant which covers flight expenses. Detail of the Erasmus Mobility Grant can be located on the Study at Trinity website.

Exchange programmes

The following Erasmus exchange programmes are open to all economics students:

Note that courses at Tilburg are given in English and no continental language is required.

In addition, JH/TSM Economics students may apply for a place on an exchange run by another Department provided that they can show that they can fulfil their economics programme requirements during their period of study abroad. Approval of these courses must be sought from the Departmental Coordinator, Professor Joseph Kopecky.

TSM students interested in studying abroad in their third year have two options:

  • (a) they can apply for an exchange run by either the Economics Department or the Department of their second subject and follow courses in both subjects at the host university
  • (b) or if they are unable to follow courses in their second subject at the host university, they may apply to enter Pattern C in TSM under which they study only one of their two subjects in the final two years of their Moderatorship, including the year they are away. For further details, contact Prof. Francis O'Toole, the Departmental Coordinator, TSM programme (Room 3033).

Regulations on studying abroad

Permission to study abroad and to have the results credited towards the Trinity degree is at the discretion of the Department. Students will not normally be permitted to study abroad unless they have achieved at least a II.2 in their Senior Fresh year and have acquired a Certificate in Language Proficiency in French or German as appropriate. At the discretion of exchange coordinators, unsatisfactory SF results may be compensated by a solid performance in JS coursework and tests, where practicable.

JS students going away for the second half of the year will be examined on the basis of work completed in the first half of their courses at Trinity plus examinations in the courses they take in the host university. The precise nature of the assessment required to fulfil the requirements for the first half of the year is determined by the lecturer for each course. Students must inform all their lecturers of their plans, as soon as they have been selected for participation. All assignments must be completed by the due date before departure.

Double degree programme

H.E.C. Programme

Single honors Economics, joint honors Economics/Business Studies or BBS students may apply for entry to the programme. At the end of their Junior Sophister year students transfer to the H.E.C. in Paris for a further two years of study. On successful completion of this programme, students are eligible for the award of either the BA or B.B.S., together with the Diplôme de Grand Ecole from the H.E.C.

Admission to the programme will be on the basis of an interview and the results of the Junior Sophister examination in which applicants are required to obtain a second class (second division) result or better. Applicants should also have successfully completed the BESS French language course at both Junior Freshman and Senior Freshman level.

Students admitted to the H.E.C. Must continue to register annually as students of Trinity College and pay the appropriate fees to Trinity College and the H.E.C. Applications should be submitted to the Department office on the prescribed form not later than the end of January of the proposed year of entry.

OECD Internship

For information on OECD internship click here.