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Former Students

Class of 2017 - 2018

Student Dissertation Title
Santosh Aryal

Agricultural Output and Conflict Intensity in Nepal’s People’s War

Rachel Bernard Contraception and Crime: The Effects of Gender Norms on Female Incarceration
Marshall Bradley Does the Minimum Wage have an Effect on Food Insecurity?: An Empirical Analysis
Shane Ronan Byrne The impact of down-payment assistance on mortgage choice: the case of Help-to-Buy in Ireland
Philipp Klein The Impact of Climate Change on Fertiliser Use in Malawi
Barra McCarthy The Impact of the 2016 Finance Act on Investment into Irish Real Estate Funds
Stefano Meneto A Quantitative Analysis of Trade Shocks on Regional Labour in France
Malavika Nambiar Impact of school sanitation on girl education in India
Clíona Ní Mhógáin Financial Inclusion & Universal Biometric Identification: Evidence from India’s Aadhaar.
Tom O'Keeffe Financialisation and Economic Volatility
Sean O'Sullivan An examination of the determinants of Non-Performing Loans and their influence on bank value
Hemanshi Shah A Global Level Analysis of the Effects of Government Spending on Tourism Flow from 1995 to 2016
Hairuo Tan The Economic Policies During Civil War in Russia, 1918-1920: A Comparison of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and Anti-Bolshevik Regimes in Siberia

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Class of 2016 - 2017

Student Dissertation Title
Matthew Allen Coghlan Should Ireland Adopt National Fiscal Rules: An Analysis of National Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Cyclicality in the EU
Maxime Bercholz Do Recessions Make People Smarter? Higher Education Participation and the Great Recession in Ireland
Natasha Browne The Trilemma: Does the exchange rate only apply to non-advanced economies?
Benjamin Campbell Rosbrook Determining the Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Firm-Level Productivity in Mexico Using a Heterogeneous Firm Model
Alexis De Saint-Lager

Population Ageing: A Demographic Time Bomb?

Xidong Guo Research of China's Real Estate Market: How Does Two-stage Land Auction Affect Housing Price
Kate Ivory Apples, Oranges and Aircraft: Using Alternative Measures to Estimate the Effects of Irish Fiscal Policy
Richard Christopher Keely An Examination of the Trends in Residential Sale and Rental pricing in Dublin, 1948 - 1996
Conor Lamude Differential Learning Effects among Financial Liberalisation Magnitudes
Yasmina Lichtinger Mediation or Moderation? The Effects of Present Bias on the Relationship between Education and Health
Michael Lyons Consumption Externalities and Residential Sorting, A Simulated Model
Mary Motolenich Determinants of Contraception Use in Colombia and the Dominican Republic: the Role of Abortion Access and Education
Ciaran Nevin Is Polarisation a Meidating Factor in the Relationship between Inequality and Growth?
Sweta Pandey Determinants and Impact of Mobile Money Access in Developing Nations: Evidence from Financial Inclusion Insights Tracker Survey in Asia and Africa
Paul Reidy Real Exchange Rate Convergence in Europe: Evidence from Online Data
Andrew Salter Even More Boomer for Who? An Investigation into the Dynamics of the Irish Property Bubble in the Greater Dublin Area

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Class of 2015 - 2016

Student Dissertation Title
Alvaro Miguel Achon Barriers to Structural Transformation and the Agricultural  Productivity Gap
Rishi Ahuja Digital Discrimination: Airbnb in Ireland
Garrett Coble What Are the Costs of Emissions? A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis of Carbon Emissions and Firm Profitability
Seraphim Dempsey Brain Drain - An investigation into the impact of high-skilled emigration on the income distribution of sending countries
Una Jackman Foreign Ownership and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ireland
Andrew Linn A Cross Country Analysis of Default in European Countries using Loan-Level Data
Marguerite Amelia O'Connell Expectations, Supply Shocks and the Zero Lower Bound: An Examination of Euro Area Inflation Dynamics
James Prendergast Consumer confidence, consumer spending, and financial markets: the case of Ireland
Mark Regan Consumption Variety and Asset Prices
Luke Daniel Rehill Probability of purchase, level of expenditure and incidence of the UK National Lottery
Marielle Grigby-Rocca The Spillover Effects of the ECB’s Unconventional Monetary Policies on Emerging Market Economies
Simona Stefanelli The impact of pollution on health in a European cross-country analysis, and the contribution of the Kyoto Protocol
Kevin Threadgold Accounting for Politicians: Fiscal Policy, Financial Cycles and Political Contexts
Xiaoyuan Wang

The Impact of the Financial System on the Long-Term Real Interest Rate

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Class of 2014 - 2015

Student Dissertation Title
Katharina Bergant External Adjustment and the Crisis
Jonathan Daniel Carrick The Hidden Costs of Agriculture in India; Adverse Effects of Child Labour on Academic Performance.
Harleen Chhabra Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in India: Do Financial Development and International Financial Integration play a role?
Geoffrey  Gray The differential effect of income on education decisions for boys and girls: Evidence from Cambodia

Brian Hallissey

Irish Job Flows Throughout The Great Recession: An Analysis of the Differences Across Sectors.

Conor Hamilton

Family Background and Occupational Choice in South Africa

Brian Higgins How Important is Employment History? An Econometric Analysis of Experience and Wages
Peter Kingston

Do Compulsory Voting Policies Lead to Greater Levels of Income Equality? An Investigation into the Effects of Compulsory Voting Policies and Voter Turnout on Income Distributions.

Tony O' Connor Do Net Foreign Returns Equal Domestic Returns? An Alternative Approach to Testing UIP
Alexander Redmond Inequality and European Quantitative Easing: Evidence from the Stock Market
Michelle Riordan The Dynamics of Bilateral Portfolio Holdings During the European Sovereign Debt Crisis
Richard Rue An Information Criteria Approach to Estimating the Speed of per Capita Income Convergence

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Class of 2013 - 2014

Student Dissertation Title
Hugo Byrne The Financial Crisis' Effects on the Lobbying of Financial Firms
Ciaran Corr An Econometric Analysis of Obesity and Food Consumption
Feargal Deery Australian House Prices, Foreign Investment and Macroprudential Policy
Qing Dong Productivity and Competiveness in the U.S. Manufacturing Industry during the Recent Financial Crisis
Therese Grace Investigating the role of credit conditions in Irish house price dynamics 2002-2012: A panel data approach
Patrick Greene Institutions and the Resource Curse: An empirical investigation

Ingo Hanke

Convergence in Agricultural Labour Productivity

Aleksander Hughes

The Oil Price and Scottish Real Economic Activity

Supriya Kapoor External Commercial Borrowings- An Analysis
Emmet Kiberd

Foreign Bank Ownership and Financial Access in Sub-Saharan Africa

Seán Mc Grath Bank Borrowing Costs & Business Cycle Fluctuations
Rory Mulholland Competition, Regulation and Financial Stability in Banking
Charles Phillips Estimating Moral Hazard in U.S. Crop Insurance Markets: Evidence from the Agriculture Risk Protection Act of 2000
Niall Quinn Recreational Consumption and the Equity Premium Puzzle
Jonathan Rice The Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy: In Search of Bacons' Experimentum Crucis
Peter Roche Spatial Variation of Airbnb Price as a Proxy for Value of Local Consumption Amenities
David See Information seeking and the Internet: A study of HIV testing trends
Yannick Timmer TARGET2 Balances and the Adjustment of Capital Flows in the Euro Area
Mai-Thy Nguyen Vuong The Effectiveness of Tax Relief Laws to Curb Suspected Game Drain in International Rugby Union

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Class of 2012 - 2013

Student Dissertation Title
Lionel Cottier Competition, International Trade and Firm Behaviour: Evidence from Vietnamese Manufacturing
Patrick Deshpande Natural Resource Rents, Political Corruption and Social Heterogeneity: An Investigation
Nick Michael Fitzpatrick Product Variety and Asset Pricing
Johanna Christina Hermanussen Searching for the Signalling Effect of Education in Germany and
the US

Yijie Huang

Measuring the Effect of House Prices and Stock Market on Chinese Household Savings

Matthew McGann

Competitiveness Adjustments and Private Sector Indebtedness: Trade-Offs for Growth

Niall McGinn Students' Results & School Characteristics
Barry Meehan

Did Fiscal Cyclicality Play a Role on the Incidence of the Financial Crisis?

Ian Power Inequality and Growth: A Reappraisal
Anuj Pratap Singh Investigating the Channels behind the Resource Curse Hypothesis in Africa
Murat Sokmen Industry Performance and Wages in the Era of Declining Unionization
Jason Somerville Reconciling the Easterlin Paradox
Linying Zhu The determinants of FDI and portfolio flows to developing countriesfrom

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Class of 2011 - 2012

Student Dissertation Title
James Carroll Reducing Electricity Demand: Attitudes, Actions and the Role of Information
Yishan Cheng Empirical Analysis of Chinese Real Estate Market In The Past Twenty Years
Jeanne Diesteldorf Taylor Rules for the European Central Bank -Interest Rate Setting before and during the Financial Crisis
Pedro Fontes Access Regulation and Investment in Next Generation Access Networks
Sophie Katherine Jacobs

Did the recent recession in Ireland affect male and female labour outcomes differently?

Jessica Lawless

Expanding Micro-Enterprises in Rural Vietnam: Can increased levels of formal savings promote profit and revenue growth?

Sara Mitchell The Gender and Education Aspects of Networks Effects
Tadgh O'Leary Migration and Trade: evidence from Ireland
Barra Roantree The Demographic Transition and Savings Rates
Christoph Walsh Analysing Convergence, Dynamics and Poverty Traps in the Income Distribution
Mengyang Zhang The Extension of The Banking System and Formal Household Savings in Rural Vietnam

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Class of 2010 - 2011

Student Dissertation Title
Shane CahillKeith Fitzgerald Do changes in the Irish sovereign spread affect firm values?
Keith Fitzgerald The Propensity of Electoral Competition to Impede Malfeasant Behaviour: A Nigerian Case Study
Eoin David Grennan Assessing the Natural Resource curse using export and mirror import data - Can the same conclusions be drawn?
Olav Hovland Hydropower and electricity prices in the Nordic electricity market
Hamad Mahar Attitudes towards Globalization, Trade and Immigration
Evin O'Reilly The Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Irish Exports
Matthias Ploeg Small is Beautiful? Economies of Scale in Photovoltaics:A Stochastic Frontier Approach
Benjamin Redahan - Does Aid Affect Technology Adoption?
Benjamin Redahan Does Aid Affect Technology Adoption?
Agata Sobczak Impact of the Introduction of Third Level College Fees on the Participation of Students from Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Germany
Willem Kevin Sonneveld The impact of oil price shocks on European stock markets
Ani Vardanyan Market Liberalization and Firm Productivity: Evidence from the Vietnamese Services Sector

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Class of 2009 - 2010

Student Dissertation Title
Michael Bracken An analysis of the relationship between corruption, political decentralisation and civic participation in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sarah Elizabeth Cansfield Testing for the existence of financial contagion: asset return co-movement analysis
Alan De Bromhead Demand for insurance in the early 20th Century: evidence from the 1911 Census of Canada
Charles Fox Do Productivity Spillovers Exist with the Inclusion of Low-Cost Carrier Operations at United States Airports: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
Jana Barbara Glawe Changes in sovereign credit rating
Ian Gorman Intelligence and investment in human capital
Marie Luise Hadamovsky On the relationship between growth and institutions: evidence from EU enlargement
Rosemarie Jordan Structural change in Irish agriculture and the role of factor markets: emphasis on the relationship between land rental markets and off-farm employment opportunities
Christian Krekel Determinants and impacts of the application for German citizenship
Paul Kulkarni Has the current financial crisis increased the risk-aversion of bond investors?
Eoin McCabe The effect of electoral systems and ethnic polarization on corruption
Brona Ni Chobhthaig Female empowerment and household financial decisions in rural Vietnam: an instrumental variables approach
Emma Mary O'Donoghue Differential determinants of gender and skill-specific migration rates
David Purdue How self-interested advisors cause investors to stay away
Liam Rockall The EMU and Irish trade - a success story or not?
David Stafford Does Eurozone membership affect sovereign bond yields?
Adnan Velic Do industrial countries exhibit faster mean-reversion in the real exchange rate than developing nations? An empirical investigation
Shawn Lynne Waywell Energy consumption and economic growth in the United Kingdom: a study using disaggregated data by sector
Jerome Matthew Williams Contagion in the Eurozone during the Greek sovereign debt crisis of 2009/10

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Class of 2008 - 2009

Student Dissertation Title
Mark Costine The Permanent Income Hypothesis: Evidence from US Panel Data
Austin Delaney Labour Supply and Public Sector Outputs
Gavin Doherty Religion and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from Irish Household Data
Mate Fodor The Optimal Cost of Education
Edward Gaffney Trade Policy, Saving and Investment
Emma Howard Estimating the Endogenously Determined Intrahousehold Balance of Power: Evidence from Peru
Irina Ioffe An Econometric Study of the Causal Relationship between CO2 Emissions and GDP in Ireland
Conor Keegan The Determinants of the Demand for Health Insurance in Ireland
Aoife Molloy An Application of the Nelson Siegel Framework to the Irish Yield Curve
Liam Murphy Do Contional Betas Explain Excess Returns? A Study of UK Stock Market Data 1984 -2008
Sanna Nivakoski Employment and Labour Taxation - Evidence from Finland and Ireland
SM Masud Parvez Training as a Signalling Device in Group Lending in Microfinance
Niall Power Consumption and the Real Interest Rate in the UK: Am Empirical Analysis
Colm Sheehy Does Joining the European Union Improve Labour Market Efficiency
Patrick Wustmann The Impacts of the Single Farm Payment on Land Values in Ireland
Jing Yu Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Capital Stock: Case of China

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Class of 2007 - 2008

Student Dissertation Title
Oliver Anderson Nature versus Nurture: A study to establish whether the intergenerational link between better educated, wealthier parents and children's academic performance and intelligence is due to genetics or environment.
Donagh Cagney Expectations in the Determination of Job Satisfaction in Ireland, with an Emphasis upon the Role of Occupational Prestige.
Jacopo Canello Firm level Efficiency and Concentration in the Electricity Supply Market: an Empirical Investigation using a Stochastic Frontier Approach.
Concetta Castiglione ICT Investment and Technical Efficiency. A Firm Level Analysis of the Italian Manufacturing Sector.
Peter Coary Structural Shifts in the Systematic Risk of the Banking Industry as a Result of the Current Credit Crunch Crisis.
Edmond Coughlan The Characteristics of Household Debt in Ireland.
Conor Devitt Modelling the Irish Social Partnership Pay Negotiations as a Bargaining Game.
Niall Dwyer Is Dollarization an Optimal Strategy? Evidence from Latin America.
Santiago Hurtado Cities Cycle
Joseph MacMunn Tax Competition from the NMS of the EU and the Consequences for Foreign Direct Investment Flows into Ireland.
Paul Monahan Regulating for Efficient Household Waste Collection in Ireland.
Donal O'Flaherty Opportunistic and Partisan Cycles in Ireland since 1948
Mark Ryan Hidden Project Values and the Investment Decision: The Effect of Noisy Project Appraisals on Optimal Decision Making.
Robert Ryan Financial Ratios as Predictors of Failure in the German Banking Sector.
Michael Terbush Foreign Capital Inflows and the Financial Sophistication of Developing Nations.
Fiona Wainwright The Effects of Household Characteristics and Social Capital on the Demand for Insurance: Evidence from Vietnam.

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Class of 2006 - 2007

Student Dissertation Title
Jamie Cassidy Long Run Wealth Distribution, Inequality and the Poverty Trap
Jean Goggin The Effect of EMU on Irish Trade: A Sectoral Analysis
Leandro Guilherme The Impact of Access to Financial Services on Income Levels and Poverty Alleviation in Zambia
Karl Edward Keeling An Analysis of Contribution from Modern Monetary Theory to Monetary Policy
Charmaine Kenny On the Measurement of Inequality in India
Keith McGovern Self-selection and Migration: Further Evidence from the UK
Holly Ruth Milne Cultural Preferences for Thrift, and the Impact on Budget Deficits in Industrialized Countries
Ge Min The Economic Impact of the Olympic Games
Sophie Roseanna Morris Regulation of Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections
Donal Michael Mullins Explaining the Existence of Market Subsections within the Irish Market for New Car Sales
Tao Niu Does the QFII Regime Stabilize the Stock Market During and After the '97 Asian Financial Crisis - The Case of Taiwan
Pierce O'Reilly The Political Economy of International Capitol Flows
Neill O'Shea Affordability of Housing in Irish Cities
Conor Mark O'Toole A Study of Export Status Switching: Evidence from the Italian Furniture Industry
Gilbert Charles Pooley Informal Employment in South Africa: Vibrant, Integral and Sorely Misunderstood
Maria Catharina Priebs Another Look at Social Partnership & Wage Formation in Ireland
Theodore Talbot Theory and Evidence for Investment Under Uncertainty: An Application to a Small Sample of Developing Countries
Hongyang Tang The Lessons of China's Innovation Reforms: The Rapid Growth and Weaknesses of China's Innovation Centres
Suzanne Tierney When Should Women have Children?: A Study of the Demographic Trends of the Age of Mother at Maternity in Ireland
Stefano Verde Agriculture Trade Liberalisation within the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: Estimating the Potential Imports of Major EU Economies
Nicholas Vincent Examining Arts Participation in the USA using the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts
Qi Wang Chinese Large Enterprise Group Concentration
Laura Weymes Modelling Voter Preference and the Extent of Angry Voting in the 2002 French Presidential Elections
Yizhou Zhang The Effects of Privatization on Employment: Evidence from the Changing Triangle Economical Belts in China
Lizhuo Zhang Inflation and Exchange Rate Among Chinese Provinces
Peter Zimmerman Purification of Nash Equilibria in 2x2 games

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Class of 2005 - 2006

Student Dissertation Title
Alona Binkovska The Role of Financial Incentives in Retirement Decision: A Two Country Analysis
Adrian Byrne Accidents on Irish Roads from 2000 to 2004; An Econometric Analysis
Elsa El Hachem Kirby An Empirical Investigation of the Economic and Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Voter Turnout: The Case of France
Clarissa Fernandes Do Exporters have a Higher Productivity than Non-Exporters? The case in Thailand
Padraig Gerard Flynn The Determinants of EU-15 Long-Term Debt Holdings in New EU-Member States and Emerging Europe Countries
Brian William Godfrey The Effects of Exchange Rate Regime Changes on Anglo-Irish Trade
Christian Patrick Keeling Globalisation and the Speed of Convergence
Ronan Keenan The Determination of Stock Returns and Role of Financial Linkages in Emerging EU Markets
Qi Li A Theoretical Model for Understanding Firm Size Distribution and Age Distribution
Yi Liu The Structural Estimations of the Beijing and Shanghai Housing Markets: Equilibrium Versus Disequilibrium
Niamh McCombe Determinants of the Fertility Decision
Peter Edward McQuade Divergent Inflation Rates in EMU: A Reappraisal
Samir Patel An empirical exploration of the Determinants of Irish Undergraduate Exam Performance
Barry John Rafferty Investigating the Forward Exchange Rate Anomaly: A Long Memory and Nonlinear Approach
John James Ring Cause for Concern? An Econometric Analysis of Irish Household Debt
Greg Sadlier An Econometric Analysis of Competitive Regulatory Reforms and Performance in Telecoms, Fixed Line & Mobile: Evidence from OECD Countries
Martin Schmitz The Importance of the Valuation Effect for Germany's Net Foreign Assets 1970-2004
Reetta Suonpera The Endogeneity of Optimum Currency Areas: an Update on Frankel and Rose
Denis Tkachenko The Analysis of Jump Spillovers in Emerging Equity Markets
Jing Zhang The use of Italian (automobile) product level data to identify the effect of horizontal mergers on prices and quantities

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Class of 2004 - 2005

Student Dissertation Title
Colm Fahey Irish Housing Market
Ronan Griffin Determinants of Credit Ratings
William Hynes Export Performance in the Tropics
Jacqueline Suzanne Longton Migration in the OECD
Ronan Lyons World War and the Labour Market
Tara Mitchell Regional Inequality in India
Robert Owens Monetary Policy and Stock Prices
Alan Michael Reilly FDI and Productivity
William Richard Sparks Mexican Self Employment
Graham Stull Bequests Under Uncertainty
Haiyan Wang China's WTO Accession
Chun Hrien Yip Stock Market Synchronization

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