Finance and Fees - Structured PhD Programme

It is very important to understand that an offer from a member of staff to supervise your project, and successful application to the programme, does not imply that the position is funded. You must ensure that you have adequate funding to pay the annual University fee (€6,780 in 2022/23 for EU students, and €15,494 for non-EU students) and support yourself in Dublin.

For the rules on eligibility for the EU fee please consult here.

There are a number of ways to find funding:

  • Trinity College offers awards. The postgraduate award is for 3 years fees (both EU and non-EU). It also offers a more limited number of Ussher fellowships, which are for 3 years, plus fees (both EU and non-EU). You can apply for both of these awards when you make your application to the programme here.
  • If you have completed a first degree at an Irish university or IT and had a local authority grant then it is possible to have that grant renewed to do a Ph.D.
  • The Irish Research Council (IRC) fund a number of postgraduate studentships ;
  • Many students are supported by funds that have been raised by their supervisor through competitive applications to organisations such as Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland or the European Union. Depending on funds available to them, most supervisors try to provide a total grant to their students, similar to that provided by IRC. These are awarded directly to the student by the supervisor. You should ask potential supervisors if they have such funding when you contact them about doing a Ph.D. under their guidance. The lists of vacancies that are kept by each research group usually indicate which projects come with funding.

Appy to the programme here.

Further information on fees and funding can be found at the following links: