Internship Overview

Edgescan Internships

We are an Irish-owned cyber security company, providing world-leading Fullstack Vulnerability Management services to global customers across a wide array of industries.

Our main product is the Edgescan web application, which is written in Ruby on Rails and React. We’re also developing our own network and application security scanning tools with an emphasis on stability and scalability, primarily written in Ruby.

We believe strongly that interns should be given real development experience, so you’ll be working as part of one of our development teams from day one. We pride ourselves on our open and collaborative team spirit, so you’ll have plenty of support from experienced developers as you get up to speed on our codebase and development practices.


  • Work with a team of smart, solution-oriented developers
  • Maintain code quality through peer code reviews
  • Collaborate with team members to plan feature development and refactoring of existing code
  • Develop intuitive features on web applications catering to technical and non-technical users
  • Work to automate scanning processes at scale while maintaining accuracy
  • Maintain infrastructure required to support business activities

Desirable Skills

    There is no hard requirement on programming languages or frameworks known, but the following skills are desirable:
  • Familiarity with Ruby on Rails or React
  • Familiarity with AWS or other cloud platforms
  • Basic knowledge of database operation and administration
  • Knowledge of secure programming practices to prevent against common attacks on web applications
  • Use of bash or similar shell scripts to automate processes