Security, Privacy and Data Protection

Research and development in the following areas:

Security and privacy mechanisms – research, development and open-source implementation

  • Privacy semantics, including automated GDPR compliance and data policy management
  • Electronic identity systems
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency applications
  • Alternatives to passwords (e.g. RFC7486) and new approaches to naming (e.g. RFC6920)
  • Privacy-friendly features for phones
  • Privacy-enhanced recommender systems and search, traffic analysis resistant VPNs and HTTPS
  • PKI, Federated Access control

Measurement – measuring real security and privacy characteristics of deployed systems on the public internet

  • Web-site "scoring"
  • Localised Internet measurement
  • Mobile handset monitoring

Standardisation – bridging the gap between research and standards

  • Involvement and Leadership in Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) working groups, and LoRa Alliance security working group.

Faculty Members

Staff Name Research Group & Centres Research Interests Publications
Conlan, Owen
Adaptive Systems; Personalised eLearning; Adaptive Hypermedia; Strategies for Adaptation; Visualisation
Farrell, Stephen
Delay tolerant networking; Security
Leith, Douglas
Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Data Privacy, Machine Learning, Wireless networks, Edge Computing
Lewis, Dave
Network and Service Management; Policy Engineering; Autonomic Systems; Knowledge-driven system engineering
O'Sullivan, Declan
Information Integration, Semantic Modelling; Semantic Interoperability, Data and Semantic Mapping
Tewari, Hitesh
Network, Telecommunications Services, Security and Mobility