BA (Mod) Computer Science – 4 years / Master in Computer Science (MCS) – 5 years

Trinity Computer Science students can study for an Honors Bachelor's degree (BA (Mod) Computer Science) over four years and have the option to study for a fifth year leading to a Master in Computer Science (MCS) degree, which includes an internship. The first three years of the programme are the same for all students. The choice to study for the Honors Bachelor's degree or the Master's degree is made at the start of the fourth year of the programme.

Computer science is a professional subject concerned with the study of everything to do with computers and our relationship with them. The field began with the pioneering theoretical discoveries on logic and calculation in the nineteenth century and continued with the development of early computers in the middle of the last century right up to the present day, where computers have become an integral part of daily life.

Computers are critical to the efficient running of modern societies, in areas including health, security, banking and finance, transportation, communication, and now increasingly our interactions through social networks. Computing professionals, like their counterparts in medicine, law, engineering, accountancy and finance, deal with theoretical issues, solve complex problems, deal with matters of ethics and with society at large.

Theoretical issues in computer science relate to the abstract notions of computation and information. The study of these issues leads, for example, to efficient and robust algorithms and to new programming languages. Applications of computer science range from artificial intelligence to health informatics, from computer animation and graphics to information security, and from social network sites to educational and training systems.

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Course Director

Course Director
Yvette Graham

Department of Education and Skills, the HEA, the Government of Ireland co-funded by the European Union