Information for Students

If you are a company interested in taking on a student intern, please visit this page for more information.

The deadline to enrol for the Internship module CS7091 / CS4E04 as part of the five year Masters is Thursday, 30th June 2023.

Please complete the online form on this page to indicate your intention to enrol - Masters / Internship Application Form.

An internship is an important part of your education as a computer professional and we want you to get the most out of it. The purpose of the internship is to further develop your understanding of how the design and theoretical aspects of computer science are applied to practical problems within a real world context.

You will discover what it’s like to work productively in the computer sector today, applying  your  knowledge of computer science to the challenges you meet in the workplace. Many of  the subjects you’ve studied in college have a direct impact on what you are doing. Others go towards giving you a solid background in the general area of computing. You’ll be extending and deepening your knowledge of computer science while you are working. 

The internship period is the second semester of your senior sophister year - from January to June inclusive, with placements lasting a minimum of five months in this period. You need to have an internship set up in industry or in a research lab.


Students of Integrated Masters in Computer Science or Integrated Masters in Computer Engineering

  • Students who have achieved an average of at least 60 per cent at the first attempt of their third year examinations are eligible to participate in the Master’s internship in fourth year.
  • If you opt for the Masters you will be enrolled in the Internship module, CS7091 or CS4E04, as part of the five year Master's programme, this takes place in the second half of fourth year, Jan - June inclusive.
  • The Internship Programme is a compulsory module for Computer Science Masters students. It is also an optional module for Computer Engineering students.
  • Note on progression to 5th Year: Students must achieve an average of at least 60 per cent at the first attempt of their fourth year examinations (the taught component) and 60 per cent overall, and satisfy the requirements for the award of Moderatorship in Computer Science to progress to the fifth year or exit the course with a B.A. (Moderatorship) degree. Regulations are specified in the Calendar and students should refer to the Calendar for the final ruling on this.

Schools will contact students at the end of Year 3 to inform them of the different options available. You will need to complete the online form to indicate your intention to enrol on the internship programme.

Yes. The internship programme meets all of the criteria, as set out by INIS, allowing Non-EU students to undertake an internship as part of their course and is in line with the following rules:

  • The internship or work placement component of the course cannot exceed 50% of the duration of the course e.g. a 4 year course would permit 2 years of work placement. In addition the employment cannot be in a self employed capacity.
  • Work placements as part of an academic programme must form an integral part of the course and their completion contribute to the final award.
  • Educational establishments must also ensure that the placements are appropriate to the nature and level of the academic programme being pursued.

  • Between September and November we hold internship sessions on Monday lunchtimes to support you in finding an internship. Sessions include, tips for CV and cover letter writing, interview techniques, talks from companies as well as information about how you will be assessed.
  • All approved company roles will be listed on the Current Opportunities internship webpage. Students apply directly to the company through the contact provided and follow the company's recruitment processes.
  • All students and companies who are signed up to the programme will be invited to meet at the Speed Connect event held in October.

  • Trinity Careers Service and the Trinity Disability Service engage with hundreds of students with disabilities in the transition from university to the workplace.  They can provide advice in areas such as disclosure of a disability, reasonable accommodation in the workplace, assistive technology, equality legislation, and managing your work role. You can find out more about these on the Trinity Disability Service website here and the Trinity Careers Service website here.

  • If you have a disability you should speak with the Internship Cordinator who will work with you to put a plan in place to support you through the recruitment and placement process.

Trinity students have the opportunity to complete paid industry internships over the summer months. This provides invaluable work experience and industry connections.

Summer Internships are advertised though the Trinity Careers Service each year. Examples of some of our industry partners who offer summer internships are:

· Amazon |  Analog | SIG | Murex

Information for companies:

If you would like to advertise a summer internship, please register with the Careers Service and share details of the role at this link. For any queries contact

Information for students:

If you are interested in completing a summer internship, you should register your interest at your MyCareer portal. You will get updates on roles as they are posted and can register to attend the Summer Internship Fair through that portal.

Doing the internship in 4th year was a decision that I am very thankful for. I spent 6 months working as a software developer at Shutterstock here in Dublin. I was developing new pages for Shutterstock's web application for the duration of my internship, working entirely on production code from the first week.

The internship was very insightful and has given me a wealth of knowledge that I have been applying during my master's year. It was a pleasant break from college and a great way to spend your time before continuing your studies for the masters program. Being able to earn credits towards the masters program, gain valuable experience and connections for your future career as well as being compensated for your work was a no-brainer for me. I couldn't pass up that opportunity and neither should you!

Caolan Barry

SCSS Internship Student 2019