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Propose a 12-week Software Engineering Project for Student Teams

Industry partners can propose any project as long as the projects allow students experience building an end-to-end software engineering (SwEng) project employing software development and design principles common in industry: DevSecOps, GitOps, CI/CD, automated tested, and so forth; and require them to adopt software development best practices.

Projects should be suitable for a team of 7 to 8 students investing 80 hours each in total (approx. 560 – 640 hours per team) over a 12 week period (January – April).

Examples of student projects from previous years can be found here.

The SwEng project teams will be made up of 2nd & 3rd year students from Computer Science and Computer Science Joint Honours Degrees (Business, Geography). The 3rd year students have already worked on SwEng industry projects and will lead their teams.

  • Each project should have a mentoring team made up of at least two mentors.
  • At least one mentor should have a technical background to support and guide the student team.
  • Industry mentors should meet their teams weekly or at the very minimum biweekly for the duration of the project (12-week period from January to April).
  • Mentors should provide guidance and advice to the teams in relation to the technical work, as well as the project and team management, as appropriate and relevant to each project and team.
  • When the completion of a SwEng project relies on access to proprietary technology, resources or data (not readily available), industry partners have to provide details of the resources they will provide the team and have these in place before the start of the project.
  • Where possible, a female mentor is strongly encouraged.

  • The student teams will complete and deliver the SwEng project for the industry partner according to the agreed requirements in 12 weeks (January - April).
  • The student teams will invest 80 hours per student (approx. 560 – 640 hours per team depending on the team size) on the SwEng industry project.
  • The student teams will meet their industry mentors weekly to discuss the project and provide a weekly report on the work progress.
  • The student teams will learn the technologies and languages required to complete the project.
  • The student teams will follow an agile development methodology with iterative sprints and the delivery of 4-5 versions of the project as appropriate.
  • The student teams will use the CI/CD pipeline for delivering the project.
  • In addition to the weekly meeting with the industry mentors, the students will:
    • Follow an academic programme covering SwEng development and design principles as well as project planning and management.
    • Attend two hours scheduled lectures a week, submit SwEng project work and make presentations on the projects.
    • Meet their team and TCD mentors weekly.
    • Meet the course academics to discuss their projects and progress.

Please direct any queries to: SwEng@lists.scss.tcd.ie

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