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Students who undertake this programme are enrolled in the 4-year undergraduate degree plus 1-year MSc programme. Companies have the opportunity to take-on a Trinity Computer Science or Computer Engineering student for a 5 - 8 month internship. These highly trained students are available to take up an internship in the second half of their fourth year and are at the top 50% of the class, allowing them to jump into their internship roles and add immediate value.

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  • Highly qualified and motivated students: Only 4th year students with a 2.1 or higher are allowed to participate in the internship programme. Students have a deep background knowledge of computing and basic business-skills.
  • Contribution to Company Growth: Students contribute by bringing fresh new ideas & techniques.
  • Recruitment: Hiring an intern will help grow and spread your company reputation, since interns are connected to such a young and wide network. Establishing good relationships with students could result in full-time employment, post-graduation.
  • Academic requirements: Students are required to write two non-public reports the first at the halfway point and the second at the end of their internship. They also give an in-company presentation at the midpoint of the internship.

  • Duration: Placement must be between 5-8 months. Students return to TCD in September and complete their MSc by April of the following year.
  • Remuneration: Must be a paid internship - minimum wage or more. Average €26k/year salary. The students will be considered employees due to employment law.
  • Mentorship: Students must be assigned a (technical) company mentor and given relevant design & development work.

  • Internship: Be a full-time employee for the company for a minimum of 5 months.
  • Mid-point Presentation: Students are assigned an academic supervisor and will present the learnings to their Trinity internship supervisor and company mentor via teleconference or face-to-face.
  • Mid-point and final reports: Students will submit two reports one in April focused on software engineering methods and the final report in July focused on their design & development tasks.

  • Provide high spec company profile and role/s specification to be displayed on the SCSS internships webpage.
  • Attend Speed Connect event held in Trinity in September.
  • Arrange a lunchtime session to give information to students about your company and roles/s available.


Shutterstock Dublin’s internships are a great way for us to meet upcoming top talent in Ireland. The benefits of the Internship Programme are two-fold: Trinity students learn from us, and we learn from them. So far our interns’ feedback has helped us keep the spirit of innovation alive in our teams, and encouraged us to look for ways to improve our products and office culture. Our diverse leadership team in Dublin has seen the benefit of hiring interns in our respective experiences, and we are passionate about driving internships across the company.

The Trinity students we have welcomed are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in fast-paced technology companies, and are therefore a good match for the types of projects we work on at Shutterstock. The quality and standard of Trinity’s MCS and MAI programmes is evident in the interns we have had the fortune to work with.

We believe that it’s beneficial to have diverse perspectives and voices on teams. The students bring new skills to the team and are encouraged to question our current ways of working. Welcoming interns introduces more diversity in our office, which makes our culture more open and empathetic. Each individual brings their own identity, ideas, and strengths to the team; their participation adds to our unique culture.

From the moment Caolan joined us, he took on every task and challenge presented to him with enthusiasm. We quickly recognised his drive for learning and desire to be exposed to different parts of the technology stack. Caolan started as a very strong student, and his confidence visibly grew as he integrated into the team and company. We kept in touch with Caolan and brought him in for a short interview towards the end of his degree. We were delighted to welcome him back and he is now a fully-fledged member of our Search Experiences team.

Nikita Chong

Software Developer Manager, Shutterstock

Doing the internship in 4th year was a decision that I am very thankful for. I spent 6 months working as a software developer at Shutterstock here in Dublin. I was developing new pages for Shutterstock's web application for the duration of my internship, working entirely on production code from the first week.

The internship was very insightful and gave me a wealth of knowledge that I was able to apply during my Master's year. It was a pleasant break from college and a great way to spend time before continuing my studies. Being able to earn credits towards the Master’s program, gain valuable experience and connections for your future career as well as being compensated for the work was a no-brainer for me. I couldn't pass up that opportunity and neither should you!

After finishing the internship and returning to college for my final year, I stayed in touch with my manager throughout. I expressed my interest in returning after completing my studies if there was a suitable role available. While finishing my dissertation during the second semester, I interviewed virtually with some of my previous colleagues where I noted some of the skills and knowledge that I acquired in my final year and how it would benefit my career and Shutterstock.

I returned to Shutterstock on the 15th of June as a level 1 Software Engineer. Since then, I have been working on the front-end of Shutterstock's web application, where my team is responsible for improving the user experience, website performance as well as the SEO of the domain for Shutterstock's search pages. From data-driven user experiments to handling Google bot traffic as well as increasing site accessibility, I have been involved with a variety of different initiatives and features so far, having learned and contributed a lot along the way.

The internship program presents itself as a great opportunity for students to both learn and contribute by surrounding yourself with experienced engineers in established companies. The pr

Caolan Barry

SCSS Internship Student 2019