Future Networks and IoT

Leading the national research, development and innovation activity in future networks, communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Future Wireless

  • Small cell/C-Ran/WiFi/Supercell
  • Dynamic resource management/sharing
  • Multipath, low latency transport
  • 5G, Internet of Things

Optical Networks

  • Software defined networking
  • Optical/wireless convergence

Internet of Things

  • Nationwide radio infra-structure to connect the ‘things’
Staff Name Research Group & Centres Research Interests Publications
Bouroche, Melanie
Intelligent Transportation Systems, Middleware, Networked and Embedded Systems

Cahill, Vinny

My current research is addressing support for connected and autonomous vehicles with the objective of optimizing journey time predictability in both highway and urban settings.
Clarke, Siobhán 
Software engineering models for smart and dynamic software services to urban stakeholders.
Doyle, Linda
Art & Technology, Cognitive Radio, Dynamic Spectrum Management, Internet of Things
Dusparic, Ivana
AI-based optimisation of resources in large-scale urban infrastructures (smart cities), with particular focus on Intelligent Transport Systems.
Huggard, Meriel
Mathematical Modelling and Performance Evaluation of Communications Networks; Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering Education
Leith, Douglas
Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Data privacy, Machine Learning, Wireless networks, Edge Computing
McGoldrick, Ciaran Adaptive Systems; Personalised eLearning; Adaptive Hypermedia; Strategies for Adaptation; Visualisation
Ruffini, Marco
L5G networks; cross-layer and wireless-optical integration; access/metro convergence; network virtualisation; SDN and NFV.
Tewari, Hitesh
Network, Telecommunications Services, Security and Mobility
Weber, Stefan
Distributed Systems, Ad hoc Networks, Distributed Shared Memory, Real-Time Communication, Embedded Systems, Ubiquitous Computing