Frequently Asked Questions:
Computer Science & Business


What links the business subjects with the computer science subjects?

Computer Science and Business will be studied in 2 distinct streams with an interlinking module of Information Systems.


What will I learn in the programme modules?

Computer programming is concerned with the design, development, writing and testing of the source code embedded within computer programs. This code is written in languages, e.g. C++ and Java. This process is underpinned by the application of mathematical theories and specialised algorithms. Support is offered to all students through a dedicated programming support centre.


Is there a strong focus on Maths on this course?

Yes, Computer Science is underpinned by mathematical concepts so students need to be comfortable with mathematics.


With respect to computer science, what is the difference between between a graduate from the BA (Mod) in Computer Science course, and one from the BA (Mod) in Computer Science and Business?

A Computer Science graduate will have more exposure and experience of computer hardware and network technologies. There is similar emphasis in both courses on computer programming.


What are the core Business subjects?

The core business subjects are organization and management, accounting, marketing, organization behavior, human resources, finance and operations management. Students can decide to specialize in some of these areas as they progress through the degree.


Do you need to have studied Business for the Leaving Certificate to take this course?

No there is no requirement to have taken Business as a subject for your Leaving Certificate, though of course, this could be helpful. Students are introduced to each topic in depth during each year of study.


How many hours am I expected to study in the first year?

As a rule of thumb, you should plan to spend a minimum of 20-25 hours studying, in addition to your timetabled hours. Like all courses of study, this time can vary from student to student.


Will I get to interact with other students?

Yes, the majority of modules offered by the Schools of Business and Computer Science & Statistics are shared.