BA (Mod) in Management Science and Information Systems Studies

If you like technology, have a passion for business and a solid mathematical ability, MSISS is a course that will equip you well for a successful career.

The primary objective of the MSISS programme is to produce graduates who are numerate as well as business and computer literate and who have a solid understanding of how to approach and solve practical problems using a variety of tools and techniques.

The focus in MSISS is on solving problems from a management perspective within organisations and using skills acquired from studying various disciplines such as management science, statistics, mathematics, economics, business studies, information systems and computer science. The emphasis in MSISS is on building up analytical skills, flexibility and creative thinking. The course provides a unique blend of the study of many disciplines combined with the development of a range of interpersonal skills.  It is this blend of experience that makes MSISS graduates most sought after by employers.

MSISS focuses on four distinct areas:

    1. Quantitative Methods

      It is a key objective of the course that students be numerate and at home with important mathematical and statistical tools. This part of the programme encompasses mathematics, statistics, probability, data analytics and management science/operations research methods.

    2. Business and Management

      This is covered by a variety of modules, most of which you will take in conjunction with Business Studies students. Subjects covered include economics, management, finance and accounting.

    3. Information Technology and Systems

      The emphasis here is on the practical application of IT, but the programme starts with the basics, including fundamentals of programming and use of end-user tools such as spreadsheets and website design tools. This is supplemented in later years with more in-depth courses in information systems, databases and application development.

    4. Interpersonal Skills

Throughout the four years of study, the development of interpersonal skills forms an integral part of the course including verbal communication, presentations, interviewing and teamwork.  There is also a strong focus on written communication skills.  Students put these skills to the test in their work with real world clients on their final year projects.  These projects can range from the statistical analysis of client data to developing computer systems, evaluating procedures or developing models.

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Course Director

Course Director
Alessio Benavoli

Department of Education and Skills, the HEA, the Government of Ireland co-funded by the European Union