Frequently Asked Questions:
Computer Science Programme


How much do I need to know about computers to do Computer Science?

No prior knowledge of computers is required. An interest in solving problems is essential.


What programming languages do you use?

Computer professionals need to be comfortable with lots of languages. We currently teach Java, C/C++ and Haskell and we use many others. We also teach ARM assembly language and VHDL for courses in computer architecture and hardware design. Students can avail of individual advice and help from our Programming Support Centre.


How many hours of lectures, labs and tutorials will I have each week?

You could expect to have approximately twenty contact hours per week. In the first year you will have about fifteen hours of lectures and four hours of labs each week. You will need to spend additional time studying, working on coursework projects and assignments, in teams and on your own.


Can you describe first year for me?

In this first year you will study programming, mathematics, computer hardware, electronics and telecommunications. In addition you will take part in a team-based programming project and explore relationships between computers and the wider society.


What supports will I have over the course of my studies?

All college supports are open to every student and include our unique tutoring system, health service, student counselling service, disability services, careers advisory service, and many more.


Do I need to be really good at Maths?

You don't need to be a genius at Maths but you need to be comfortable using mathematical techniques to solve problems.