BA (Mod) Computer Science (Joint Honours) Study Computer Science with Business, Economics, Geography or Linguistics.

This joint degree provides its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the technical field of computer science. The programme, which is of four years duration, will prepare students for challenging careers in either (or both) computer science, business, economics, geography or linguistics as well as position them for postgraduate study and research if that is their desire.

In order to obtain an adequate grounding in each discipline, students will be required to complete certain mandatory modules, largely taught in the Freshman (first two) years. The Sophister (third and fourth) years will allow students to choose among various options in Computer science and the accompanying programme, although there will continue to be minimum requirements in each discipline. 

From a computer science perspective, at the end of the course graduates will be able to design, implement/engineer and evaluate computer-based systems, processes and programs/applications to meet desired objectives and specifications. Overall at the end of the course graduates will be able to apply their knowledge of computer science and mathematics, along with their problem solving skills, in new and familiar environments, both within the disciplines of Computer Science and the chosen joint programme in the wider context of the modern workplace.

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Course Director

Course Director
Nina Bresnihan