Graphics, Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality

Innovative research in computer graphics, computer vision and all aspects of visual computing.

Girl image showing the different when Graphics, Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality are applied.

Character Animation

  • Motion capture & synthesis
  • Appealing characters, avoid “uncanny valley”

Real-Time Rendering & Animation

  • Crowd & urban simulation
  • Real-time 3D scientific visualisation

Image Processing

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
  • Free View-point Video (FVV)
  • 360-Video
  • Light-Field Technologies
  • Visual Effects and Animation
  • 3D rendering from 2D images
  • Colour transfer/mapping in videos

Computer Vision

  • Gesture recognition, collision avoidance – SureWash, WingWatch
  • Computer Graphics/Vision Hardware, Illumination & Display Systems

Sample Application Areas

  • Interactive entertainment
  • Health
  • Creative industries

Faculty Members

A full list of researchers in this area is available on the Graphics and Vision Discipline page. Click on the staff member's name to view their full profile and publications. 

Staff Name,

Research Group & Centres

Research Interests Publications
Dawson-Howe, Kenneth
Computer Vision
Dingliana, John
Computer Graphics, Scientific 3D Visualisation, Non-photorealistic Animation and Rendering, Real-time Animation
Haahr, Mads
Serious Games; Artificial Intelligence for Games; Interactive Digital Narratives; Art and Technology
McDonnell, Rachel

Computer Graphics, Character Animation, Perceptually-Adaptive Graphics, Facial Animation and Perception

Manzke, Michael
Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture and Graphics Hardware
O'Nuallain, Eamonn
Radio Tomography, Radio Propagation, Cognitive Radio, Wireless Network Planning, Computational Mathematics, Computational Electromagnetics
O'Sullivan, Carol
Computer Graphics; Computer Animation, Human Perception
Shevlin, Fergal
Optics, Lasers, Electronics, Image Processing.