Future Cities

Leading the application of sensors, communication and analytical technological solutions to sustainability concerns in urban infrastructure such as energy, water, waste management and transportation systems.

Urban-scale Sensing

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Participatory sensing

Middleware Architectures

  • Autonomic management
  • Model-free learning algorithms

Smart Services

  • Intelligent transport (traffic control, driver assistance)
  • Community microgrid management

Faculty Members

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Research Group & Centres

Research Interests Publications
Bouroche, Melanie
Intelligent Transportation Systems, Middleware, Networked and Embedded Systems

Cahill, Vinny

My current research is addressing support for connected and autonomous vehicles with the objective of optimizing journey time predictability in both highway and urban settings.

Clarke, Siobhán 


Software engineering models for smart and dynamic software services to urban stakeholders.
Doyle, Linda
Art & Technology, Cognitive Radio, Dynamic Spectrum Management, Internet of Things
Dusparic, Ivana
AI-based optimisation of resources in large-scale urban infrastructures (smart cities), with a particular focus on Intelligent Transport Systems.
Wilson, Simon
Bayesian statistics, statistical reliability, interface of information and communications systems and statistical learning, computationally intensive statistics