Computer Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to know about computers to do Computer Engineering?

No prior knowledge of computers is required, although any experience that you have may be helpful.

What programming languages do you teach?

We are continuously reviewing the programming languages used because we believe that, rather than teaching you to programme using one or two languages, you should be able to learn how to use the programming language best suited to solving a specific problem. We currently use Java and C/C++, among others. We also use ARM assembly language and VHDL for courses in computer architecture and hardware design.

What are the entry requirements for Computer Engineering?

Apart from the general TCD matriculation requirements, which are set out in the undergraduate prospectus and on the TCD web site ( a C3 in Higher Level Leaving Certificate Mathematics (or equivalent) is required.

How many hours of lectures, labs and tutorials will I have each week?

The number of hours spent in lectures, labs and tutorials each week varies, but you could expect to have approximately twenty seven contact hours per week in first year and twenty five contact hours per week in second year. In first year you will have approximately sixteen hours of lectures, 5 hours of labs and 6 hours of tutorials each week. You will also need to spend additional time working on coursework projects and assignments, both in teams and on your own.