What our graduates say - Computer Science and Language

CSL provides an exceptional range of skills that allow you to pursue an enormous number of options after graduation. For me,it gave a fantastic background to pursue a career in software development. The distinctive combination of subjects encourages flexible thinking and an open minded approach to problem solving that will prove invaluable to graduates.

James Gibbons, Software Developer

The CSL course opened up many opportunities for me. I was unsure which path to choose straight out of school. With this course I was not restricted to any one career, and yet it contained recognisable and concrete subjects. In fact, people are still fascinated when I tell them what I studied and are envious of the interesting subject combination.

I very much believe that it was the multi-faceted aspect of CSL that gave me not only the confidence to live and work abroad but also pursue a career in a very fast moving role.

Deirdre Ni Dhea, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management and IT consultancy

CSL gave me the necessary skills to excel in Computer Science / IT, and the added edge of a language gave me the ability to stand out from the crowd. It has prepared me for the real world and I always take pride in explaining the synergy of this multi-disciplinary degree course!

Sean Hegarty, Wombat Financial Software, at their Engineering Centre of Excellence