Internship Overview

About Us

Xelda is an ambitious FinTech start-up founded by Irish sisters and ex-Goldman Sachs alumni,
India and Portia. We are backed by Sequoia Capital and the founders of the Irish unicorn

Our mission is to humanize and automate payments and business management for SMBs. We’re
creating a platform that is accessible, efficient and tailored to each business owner.
Many SMBs accept several types of payments - from cash, to card to direct debit. Xelda
simplifies payments from 3 platforms to 1. Xelda gives SMBs the power to accept multiple and
low cost payment methods from a single device. We make it easier and safer to store and track
payments from many revenue streams. Xelda gives SMBs their time back by reducing admin.
Using a combination of AI technology and banking infrastructure, SMBs can automate all
accounts payable processes. Users also have immediate and real time oversight of their

But Xelda is more than an app that reduces payment and business admin. Xelda will educate
SMBs on how to manage their business. Xelda will boost the liquidity of the business. Xelda will
empower SMBs to nurture client relationships. Xelda will equip them with unique local market
insights to propel their businesses forward. Xelda doesn’t just give back time, she helps shape
your future.

For Europe's 23M SMBs, Xelda's not just an app, she's a companion.

The Team

You will have the opportunity to be a key member of a world class team.

Our CEO and Co-Founder - India Healy O'Connor
India has always believed in working hard and pushing oneself to achieve great things. In school
and university, she combined hard work and ambition to achieve first place in her class and
graduation year. This drive and desire to learn led her to the dynamic sales and trading floor of
Goldman Sachs. There she learned the art of problem solving, managing high pressure
situations and developing client relationships. Combining her experience and knowledge of
finance and economics she took on the challenge of building Xelda. When India is not working on
Xelda, she is running, deep in a good book or chilling with her two french bulldogs - Mabel and

Our COO and Co-Founder - Portia Healy O'Connor
As a child, Portia always had brilliant ideas and was frustrated whenever she saw others turn
them into a reality. So, when the idea for Xelda came along, she knew this was her time to make
the idea a reality. Upon achieving top marks in computer science, statistics and business in
Trinity College Dublin, she moved to London where she worked on the high intensity and
challenging SWAPS trading team in Goldman Sachs. There, she built complex trading models to
help her team better understand the trends of the market. Problem-solving is part of Portia's DNA
and so she used these skills to build Xelda's MVP. To relax, Portia loves playing tennis, listening
to music and playing with Mabel (sorry Daphne!).

Our Investors
A market research call with the founders of Irish unicorn, Flipdish, turned into an investment offer.
Conor and James believed in the Xelda vision. A few months later, we received a call that is
every founder's dream. Xelda was invited to join the inaugural Arc. Arc is a Sequoia run program
that helps the daring build great companies. It is amazing to have the backing of a world leading
VC who has helped to build some of the greatest companies in the world like Stripe, Instagram,
and Whatsapp. By joining Xelda, you are joining a company backed by dynamic, knowledgeable
and innovative investors.


Everything is possible
● Be a creator
● Challenge assumptions and established processes
● Impact with your ideas
● Ask yourself 'why not'?
There's no I in Xelda
● Build together
● Different perspectives and diverse backgrounds build the best product
● Help each other solve hard problems
Think like an owner
● Take pride in what you build and have a bias to ownership
● You play an integral role in Xelda's success
● Recognition and acknowledgement of good quality work
What will you do?
● You will be one of the early hires onto the Xelda team, which means you will play a key
role in our early success to grow Xelda into a global payments platform.
● You'll help to shape our engineering culture so that we build a world class engineering
system based on the latest technologies and best practices.
● As we find early product market fit by combining interview feedback, user feedback, and
business objectives, your views and skills will be essential in ensuring we build the best
software to execute on our findings.
● You will put yourself in the shoes of your users and be a steward of crafting great
technology to eliminate their pain points.

What are we looking for ?

● Software engineer intern for 6-8 months
● Ability to write high quality code. We care much more about your general engineering
skill than knowledge of a particular language or framework.
● Ability to work in a fast-moving environment, dealing with ambiguity and change
● Curiosity - the ability to ask the hard questions and challenge current assumptions
● A problem-solving mindset and the ability to make strategic decisions
● A love of startups and technology and willingness to learn and help with other roles in the
What can we offer you?
● The opportunity to be a part of an amazing team at the beginning of a huge growth
● Competitive salary
● New laptop
● In-person at our Waterloo Lane office
● Monthly office events like painting prosecco, sushi nights, cocktail classes, and more.

You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job
description. - At Xelda, we're always looking for outliers.