Internship Overview

Software Developer Internship
Location: London, UK
Closing date for applications: 13th October 2023
Length: 5-8 months: January – August 2024 (based on preference)

FINBOURNE is offering one Engineering internship to Trinity College Dublin students for 2024. The internship is based in our DevOps team who are responsible for executing and evangelising best practice across all  phases of the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC). As part of the team, you will support FINBOURNE’s industry leading IBOR as well as the LUSID platform's Valuation and Entity Relationship capabilities, by maintaining a consistently excellent customer and developer experience.
We are a growing FinTech firm with large ambitions and consider our employees central to our success.

In this role you will get broad exposure to the business, work across a varied technology stack, and be given hands on experience from day one. 

We want to give you exposure to all areas of what we do which means that, from the start, you can get 
involved in:
• Writing Bash, Python, Go, C# to build tools and automations.
• Developing and implementing resources in AWS, Azure and Kubernetes.
• Understanding the architecture of the LUSID platform to help developers build and ship costefficient, performant and reliable software.
• Implementing business logic while learning more about finance.
• Building scalable and robust distributed systems which can support big data, with consistently fast 
response times that are upgraded multiple times per day.
• Ability to deploy to production from day one.
• Learning about and working within the security and privacy constraints of the finance industry.
• Helping us ensure everything we do is robust by writing tests for everything: from application, to 
infrastructure, to non-technical processes.
• Helping us come up with innovative ways to monitor and measure our platform, so we can 
continually improve our customers’ experience and support them when things go wrong.
• Investigating cutting edge technologies and evaluate whether they would benefit us.
The key technologies which you will have the opportunity to learn are C# (.NET Core on Linux), Python, Go, 
PostgreSQL, AWS, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Angular… and that’s just right now!

How we will support you:

• You will be working alongside highly experienced developers who will provide in-depth training for 
you on the job. These are people who have spent their careers at some of the most prestigious 
financial technology institutions and are eager to pass on their experience.
• During your first month with us, you will attend sessions on finance-related topics and relevant 
technology at FINBOURNE such as ‘DevOps Overview’ or ‘Engineering Principles’ given by our own
industry experts.
• We run regular sessions such as “Code Craft” (discussion of our engineering principles and best 
practices) and “FINBOURNE Q&A”, which covers topics from finance and investments to overview of 
the FINBOURNE teams (including technology, sales, marketing, product, etc). Anyone is welcome to 
join or present and it is a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and our company.
• You will have regular 1-1 meetings with your line manager and receive regular feedback from them 
to help you achieve your full potential.
• You will be assigned a mentor who will work closely with you to help learn the skills required to 
develop the highest quality software, because you will be soon working on important parts of our 
• Regular morning “stand up” meetings with your team will allow you to quickly understand what your 
colleagues are working on, to share your accomplishments and, if needed, to request help. You are 
also welcome to join stand ups in other teams to understand what they are working on.
• Monthly company-wide meetings where you will receive regular updates and insight into our 
business strategy. This also gives employees the opportunity to ask questions to the wider team.
• Everyone at the business is friendly and happy to answer any questions you have!

What we’re looking for:

• Candidates in the penultimate or year of study
• Studying a STEM subject. 
• Candidates who are genuinely passionate and curious to continue learning, and those who are driven 
to solve tough technological problems and apply critical thinking to their work. Additionally, who feel 
comfortable working in an informal, agile environment. 
• Excellent communication skills 
• Ideally a genuine interest in Finance. 
• Ideally you will also have some experience programming.

We have been delighted to offer a number of internships to TCD students over the past few years. Here is what one intern had to say about their experience. 
“During my internship with FINBOURNE I had the opportunity of gaining real insight into the world of 
professional engineering, writing production code used by real customers. Helped by an open and 
collaborative company culture I was given all the support I needed to become a part of the team and start adding value from day-one. I learned a lot, and had a great time doing it.” (Martin Winchester).