Internship Overview

About Nitro

Nitro was founded in Melbourne back in 2005. It started with a team of three, a single product, and a goal to provide the world with better tools for everyday work. Our team now spans the globe and works with over half of the Fortune 500, but we have not strayed too far from our roots. We put our customers, employees, and communities at the center of everything we do.

What we do

Three reasons to intern at Nitro:

  • You will develop connections with our current engineering team and grow your network which will better prepare you for your future after graduation.
  • Your work matters. The actions you take during your internship are helping Nitro improve our products and benefiting all employees.
  • We invest in your success. You will experience a thorough onboarding to prepare you for projects of your own and an ongoing support system to help you succeed.

Hear from our previous interns:
“It was nice to be new technologies that are cutting edge in the industry and being able to learn them while also understanding more mainline tech like Jenkins and docker. It was very beneficial.” “Being able to join the systems team was very beneficial. They were extremely welcoming and made me feel part of the team right from the get-go.”
- Colm Kenneally

“I like the way Nitro works and does things. Everyone has been helpful and nice. I really enjoyed the projects I got to work on.”
- Kealan O’Connor

What our managers think of the value of hiring interns:
“I've taken students from the TCD program on 3 occasions before. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the work produced by the students, both at a theoretical level but also importantly at a practical level. In the few months we worked together they all made a meaningful contribution to the company and they learnt a lot about applying their skills to real world problems”
- Brian O’Mullane, Director of Data Engineering

Engineering is a critical function at Nitro, developing the products and services at the heart and soul of our business today, and helping us realize our vision of smarter documents in the future. We have an incredibly talented and diverse Engineering team that cares, with a strong culture of building amazing product experiences for our customers and making a positive impact on our business.

  • Our products are used by over 650K businesses and 30M users
  • We work with cutting edge technology
  • Work with a smart, passionate team with a truly unique culture

What you'll be doing:

  • Working closely with a no-bullshit tightly knit engineering
  • Helping establish best engineering practices and learning from others
  • Gaining satisfaction from easing customer pain
  • Participate in Hack weeks

Within Nitro we have a variety of engineering teams that will give you an opportunity to work with large distributed systems. We are looking for interns within the following teams:

  • Platform Engineering: Microservice architecture, Event Driven concepts, Rest Concepts, Scala, Go, NodeJS, JavaScript
  • Data Engineering/Data analysis/science: Apply data science techniques to large data sets to discover insights and build ML solutions, Large-scale data processing frameworks, Event driven and Streaming architectures, Restful Services, Scala, SQL, Kafka
  • Software Engineering: Desktop Product development, C++, Win32/64 API’s
  • Systems Engineering: Modern CI/CD, Observability, SRE best practices, AWS, Kubernetes, Python, Go
  • Product Management: Product strategy/roadmap/execution, UX Design, SAAS/API Product Development

What we look for in our engineers:

  • Enthusiasm and a learning mindset
  • Ability to move fast and distinguish signal from noise in everyday work life
  • Relevant project experience within the team you are interested in.

Our interns have the potential to join our team full time, in fact many of our engineering team have been interns in the past.

David Sheerin a Lead Product Manager from University College Dublin (

Paul Fay a Front-End Engineer from Dublin Institute of Technology (