Role: Intern/Graduate Software Developer

About Us

GBE is located in the heart of Dublin's IFSC house, founded in 1999 by Dermot Desmond, a leading Irish entrepreneur with significant interests in technology and finance. We are a leading technology provider to the betting industry offering a proven betting platform, plus sportsbook, exchange and ADW/Tote products. Our software stack is primarily Microsoft .net/.net core and SQL Server supplemented by
open source technologies.

The Organisation is currently on a pathway towards the containerisation and cloudification of the betting platform, which is both exciting and challenging. This work is on-going and includes many cloud native technologies such as Kafka, Prometheus, Grafana, Fluentd/bit, HAProxy,Kubernetes as a Service, etc.. There is a huge opportunity to grow and advance in your career.

The Role

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated graduate Software developers to join the GBE Development team. Development will be
performed across a range of .NET, SQL and Java based implementations. The candidates will be provided mentorship and on-the-job
training. The role is permanent pending an agreed probation period.

Minimum requirement
Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or related field (e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Engineering). Preferably first class honours.
Work/academic experience in Relational DBs and SQL
Coding experience in any modern programming language (C#, Java/Scala, C/C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, R)
Coding experience with modern programming stack: .NET, JDK, Apache*
Strong analytical and programming skills
Fast/eager learner with a desire for independent work

Coding experience in .net/.net core, C#, Java (JDK), tSQL (SQLServer)
Knowledge/experience in Software development technique: TDD
Knowledge/experience using any source control management systems: git, subversion
Knowledge in Agile Software Delivery methodology (Scrum)
Knowledge/experience with Cloud Provisioning across any of the main providers: AWS, Azure, GCP etc
Knowledge/experience with any containerisation: docker, swarm, kubernetes etc

If you are interested, please provide the below details
1. Provide a brief 1 page ONLY resume (with only essentials, leave detailed work experience out)
2. Provide a list of top 1-3 work experience/projects undertaken in the last 1-3 years. Detail your core responsibilities and what lasting impact you brought to bear.
3. Highlight what you'd like to gain from this graduate placement. Do you have a specific career roadmap in mind?