A virtual Art + Science Reading Group

PhD candidates Autumn Brown (School of Education and Science Gallery) and Amelia McConville (School of English and Institute of Neuroscience) are the organisers of the Art + Science Reading Group

The group is supported by Science Gallery Dublin and the Trinity Long Room Hub. It is a virtual gathering of thinkers, researchers and the incurably curious. The series will explore the evolutionary and revolutionary kinship between two approaches to understanding the universe and our place within it.


The reading group is a space where folks from different backgrounds can come together and discuss the intersections between art, science, and society. Since we’ve gone virtual, myself and my co-founder Amelia McConville have been inviting guests to share their work or research, each under a different theme. The first two sessions we’ve had in quarantine have been recorded and uploaded as podcasts on SoundCloud - See below links to listen to the podcasts.

Autumn Brown - PhD researcher