The Science & Society research group explores the relationship between science and society through a number of complementary research areas:

Since 2014, the Science & Society research group has collaborated with researchers and organisations around the world, securing 20 separate research grants leading to more than 50 publications. The Science & Society research group is currently coordinating research projects funded by the European Commission, the Wellcome Trust, the Irish Research Council, Science Foundation Ireland, and Enterprise Ireland.

It is a multidisciplinary research group with members having backgrounds in education, history, neuroscience, classics, genetics, architecture, zoology, astrophysics, microbiology, engineering, geoscience, literature, philosophy, and biochemistry, among others.

More information about the members of the group, research strands, projects, and publications are available through the links below. Anyone who is interested in taking part in our research or our related activities can get in touch via scienceandsociety@tcd.ie.