School Partnership Hub

A One Stop Shop for our School Partnership

Dear School Partner,

Welcome to the School of Education's School Partnership Hub! 

You and your school community play a vital role in helping us to collaboratively nurture and develop student teachers. Through working in collaboration with our school partners, we work to forge vital links between practice and research, ensuring that we work to develop student teachers who observe that their success and professionalism is connected to research-informed, ongoing improvement of their practice. It is through working with our school partners together as teacher educators – both university and school based – that our student teachers reflect core programme values, develop from our collective experience and expertise, as well as develop their own teaching identities. Our partnerships with schools also ensure that our education programmes remain vibrant, relevant, and responsive to the evolving needs of school communities and their students, as well as the education system and society more broadly. 

We have created the School Partnership Hub as a one-stop shop for our school partners and it will continue to evolve over this year and onwards. It provides you with up-to-date information in relation School Placement, including the various requirements of School Placements.

We also wish to thank all our partner schools for all that they do for our student teachers. As such, you will find access to an array of resources which are available to you and your school community. On the Hub, you will find access to our year-long Programme for School Partners.

We would also be delighted to showcase our school partners. If you wish to highlight an initiative in your school, please feel free to email us and we will make contact with you to gather further information.

If you wish to host one of our students, either a PME or B.Mus.Ed. student, you can also let us know by completing a simple online form.

We are always keen to hear your feedback as feedback will help us to continually improve the Hub and what we do. Whether it is feedback on how we can improve our PME/B.Mus.Ed. programmes in a time of reconceptualisation of Initial Teacher Education programmes, or an idea on how to enhance our School Partnership Model, please feel free to submit your feedback via one of our online forms.

We look forward to working with you over the coming academic year!

Best wishes,

Prof. Carmel O'Sullivan, Head of School | Dr. Louise Heeran-Flynn, PME Registrar & School Placement Coordinator | Dr Susan McCormick, B.Mus. Ed. Coordinator. 

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