Research Strategy

Research and scholarship are central to what we do and what we aim to achieve in the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. Our research across the spectrum of educational research disciplines informs our teaching, our mentoring and development of early career researchers, our work with policy makers nationally and internationally and our engagement with communities, locally and beyond. High quality research is foundational to the strong international reputation of the School.

TLRH desk studying

The Schools sit within the rich academic environment of the university. The Trinity College Research Charter (2019) sets out seven core principles that underpin research in the institution:

These core principles resonate in the vision of research articulated in this School of Education Research Strategy document. The University Strategic Plan (2020) and Research Excellence Strategy (2019) frame an ambitious and exciting trajectory for the institution as a whole and for research within that. The School of Education Research Strategy draws on this basis to chart a course for our own School with its unique tapestry of research and scholarship. This research strategy will be central to the process of developing the overall School strategy positioning research at the heart of what we do, informing our teaching and learning approaches and engagement with our disciplines and our community.

  • Cherish academic freedom, diversity of  scholarship, and pursuit of truth
  • Position research at the heart of Trinity
  • Foster and grow research talent and leadership
  • Harness our collective expertise for the greater good
  • Broaden our local and global impact
  • Engage profoundly with our publics
  • Stand up for research

Research at the School of Education is driven by values that ensure high quality, inclusive, democratic and equitable education for all, and promote learning opportunities across a broad educational spectrum. The School builds on its established national and international reputation for excellence in research activity and leadership, impacting upon and effecting positive change in society, by bridging the gap between research, practice and policy.