Postgraduate Research Annual Conference 2021

When life gives you lemons...make lemonade!

This year, the PGR conference has an exciting line reflecting educational research over the past year as we evolved together, each with our own research story. While it will be a virtual event, we hope to maintain the connection you value with your fellow research community.

PGR Conference 2021 Webinar Recording of Keynote Speaker Vivian Rath

"When the PhD journey gave me lemons, I made the best of lemonade!”

Educational Research & Covid Times – When life gives you Lemons…

This year the PGR conference aims to be a zesty and virtual vibrant learning environment where researchers will showcase their work in a friendly, professional and creative virtual environment.  We, the PGR conference committee, are working to create an innovative experience that will be inclusive, accessible, relevant and fun. The conference espouses the principles of Universal Design for Learning. If at any point you wish to make suggestions – do let us know. 

This is a free virtual event that will positively connect fellow research students and academics as we share our stories or research, research, and researching in these unpredictable times. 

Do  join us in to support excellence in research as we celebrate the amazing work of TCD students.

  • Professor Damian Murchan, Head of School of Education, TCD.
  • Dr Vivian Rath – “When the Ph.D. Journey Gave Me Lemons – I Made the Best of Lemonade!”
  • PhD Students presenting their research
  • Dr Ann Devitt and Catherine O Reilly – “Ethics – How to Squeeze That Lemon”
  • Dr Noirin Hayes, Dr Conor McGuckin, and Mary Quirke – “Including All Your Lemons - Using Bronfenbrenner and Universal Design”
  • Dr Andrew Loxley  – “The Last Drop - Undertaking Your Viva in Zoom Times.”
  • Dr Erika Piazzoli, -  “Digital Lemonade: Squeezing The TPACK Framework
  • Insightful E-poster sessions curated by Dr Emily Neenan;
  • GASTA presentations with Dr Tom Farrelly and postgraduate researchers
  • ‘Story Telling’ & ‘Drama’ as it all develops!